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Zhao Dong's Conviction Highlights China's Stance on Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Regulation

Zhao Dong's conviction in China's OTC crypto trading case underscores the country's strict cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange regulations, warning other entities operating in similar jurisdictions.

  • Dec 29, 2023 09:13
Zhao Dong's Conviction Highlights China's Stance on Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Regulation

The over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading desk RenrenBit was founded by Zhao Dong, who is notoriously known as the "OTC King." Zhao Dong was found guilty in China of the charges against him. In the context of China's increasing crackdown on criminal operations using cryptocurrencies, this conviction is a major event that has taken place. In the course of his actions, Zhao was involved in the facilitation of cryptocurrency and local currency trading, which is considered to be unlawful in the nation.

An in-depth investigation that dug into sophisticated financial dealings led to the conviction of the defendant. To build their case against Zhao and his friends, the authorities relied on a variety of evidence, including confessions, communication logs, financial records, and testimony from witnesses. Zhao and his colleagues made an effort to demonstrate that their conduct were restricted to transactions involving digital currency and did not constitute criminal trading in foreign exchange. The prosecution, on the other hand, presented proof of foreign exchange in their conversation logs, which was a response to their defense.

As the trial progressed, it became clear that Zhao had received money from individuals from other countries. A comprehensive operation was revealed in which Zhao and other individuals in Dubai gathered funds in the form of dirhams, used these dirhams to purchase Tether, and eventually made it possible for local organizations to engage in the illicit resale of Tether for Chinese yuan (RMB).

The verdict of the court resulted in Zhao being sentenced to seven years in jail and being had to pay a fine of 2.3 million Chinese yuan, which is equivalent to around $325,000. This verdict is illustrative of the stringent regulatory position that China takes against the trade of cryptocurrencies for financial purposes. Particularly via channels such as over-the-counter (OTC) desks, private chat groups, and transactions using stablecoins such as Tether, the case highlights the dangers that are connected with participating in cryptocurrency trading in places where it is strongly regulated or outlawed.

In order to carry out his operation, Zhao Dong was responsible for carrying out intricate trading schemes using the Chinese yuan and other currencies. When conducting their investigation, the investigators focused their attention on the movement of funds between Chinese bank accounts, cash pools located abroad, and transactions using Tether and Bitcoin. Within the context of one of the schemes, Zhao was responsible for coordinating crypto-fiat transfers between businesses located in Dubai and domestic Chinese connections. This demonstrates a large network of financial activities that spans many nations.

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