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What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance, DeFi as a concept is to be able to offer almost all the financial services available with legacy and centralized institutions, typically banks, but on the blockchain. Whatever traditional services financial institutions provide can be expected to be offered through DeFi. In short, Defi is blockchain-based financial services that traditional financial services map into, creating new services or derivatives stemming from blockchain's unique features. Although we have had concepts like distributed computing and decentralized computing for decades, DeFi is in fact a new concept and an expansion of the application scope of blockchain as infrastructure.

What is AlgoSwap?
AlgoSwap emerges as a novel decentralized exchange protocol on the Algorand blockchain, designed for high-speed, low-cost, and environmentally friendly crypto trading.
Robinhood Wallet Joins Forces with Arbitrum (ARB) to Enhance Layer 2 Access
Robinhood Wallet partners with Arbitrum to offer users seamless swaps on Layer 2, enhancing DeFi accessibility and experience.
COTI Unveils ETH L2 Developer Network and Growth Fund Use Cases
COTI announces an ETH L2 Developer Network to leverage its $100M fund, targeting key use cases like Confidential DeFi and encrypted data management.
Vitalik Buterin Critiques TVL as a Deceptive Metric in DeFi Space
In a recent Warpcast discussion, Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin challenges the overemphasis on Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi, highlighting security concerns and the need for a paradigm shift.
Ankr Enhances DeFi Ecosystem by Supporting OKX Chain's X1 Layer 2
Ankr expands its infrastructure services by integrating support for OKX Chain's X1 Layer 2, enhancing scalability and DeFi access.
Circle Rolls Out Native USDC on the Celo Blockchain, Expanding Stablecoin Access
Circle has integrated USDC directly onto the Celo blockchain, enabling faster and cheaper transactions with its native stablecoin. This aligns with Circle and Celo's shared mission of increasing financial access.
Pantera Capital: Crypto Market Turns Bullish Amid Regulatory Clarity
Pantera Capital predicts a bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market, highlighting Bitcoin's potential for DeFi expansion, technological advancements, and regulatory favorableness, following the anticipated Bitcoin halving event.
Demystifying the World of Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Investments
Cryptocurrency exchanges revolutionize digital finance by offering services like futures trading, staking, and savings accounts, with potential AI and machine learning integrations. They provide a seamless user experience.
Starknet's Massive STRK Token Airdrop: Navigating the Hype and the Hunt for Rewards
Starknet Foundation's strategic airdrop of 1.8 billion STRK tokens aims to fuel network growth and user engagement, amidst concerns of airdrop farming by savvy participants. Eligibility spans Ethereum developers, users, and a focus on rewarding community contributions.
CeDeFi Revolution: platform announces it has entered beta testing phase
CeDeFi is developing a platform to revolutionize digital asset management, integrating blockchain, DEX, dApps, and CEX for a seamless experience. The platform aims to enhance user experience, security, and capital usage, with plans to connect with Binance and Bybit.

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