Crypto Watchlist: Biggest Losers This Week (AVAX, MATIC, KCS)
With most coins trading in the negative, here is a look into the three coins with the biggest weekly losses.
NFT Sales Slide to a 12-Month Low Amid Crypto Meltdown
The bloodbath in the crypto market has contributed to sales in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector slipping to a 12-month low, according to crypto analytic firm Chainalysis.
Crypto Market Resurgence: Is the Crypto Winter Finally Over?
While investors might be optimistic about the recent bullish trend, a major question then surfaces: Does this recovery imply a return to the bullish green days?
Are Institutional Investments Fueling Correlation Between Crypto and Stock Markets?
With macroeconomic factors like interest rate hikes affecting both stocks and crypto, this begs the question: are institutional investments propelling the correlation between the two markets?
Will Crypto Survive? The Top-Performing Web3 Coins
The confidence of even the most ardent bulls has been shaken by crypto's June side, especially after the chaotic market reaction to US inflation data that was higher than expected, reaching a high not seen since 1981. But the things are better then you can think of
Altcoins Expanding DeFi Ecosystem but Can't Beat Layer 1 King Ethereum: Chainalysis
One of the major investment topics of 2021 was the alternative blockchain networks as big investors are looking beyond Bitcoin and taking a leap into Ethereum.
Analysis: Here is What the New Crypto Bill Mean for the Blockchain Ecosystem?
What are the implications of the newly introduced US Crypto Bill? Blockchain.News recently spoke to crypto experts to comment on the consequences of the bill, and tell us what advantages might bring to the industry.
The BTC-Stock Correlation at Its Peak. When Will It End? The 4 Top Gainers in DeFi
The crypto world is one brimming with possibilities, and it is unlikely to stagnate, however only the strongest projects will survive
Will Terra’s UST and LUNA Crash Cause a Shift to ‘Cryptos that have Stood the Test of Time’?
LUNA has left crypto enthusiasts' mouths agape because they could never imagine in their wildest dreams that one of the top ten cryptocurrencies could collapse to near-zero overnight.
Bitcoin Addresses at a Loss Hit a 2-Year High as Extreme Fear Engulfs the Market
The bearish momentum witnessed in the Bitcoin (BTC) market has made addresses at a loss to climb to a two-year high.

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