Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science, is concerned with developing computers capable of doing tasks that would typically need human intelligence. Such tasks include learning from and adjusting to new facts or situations, reading human language, discovering patterns, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Yann LeCun Discusses AI Progress and Quantum Computing at FAIR's 10th Anniversary
Yann LeCun of Meta AI discussed the future of AI, highlighting Nvidia's hardware dominance, skepticism about human-level AI and quantum computing, and Meta's focus on multimodal AI systems.
Ethereum Team Leader Critiques University's Apathy Towards Crypto Education
Ethereum head, Péter Szilágyi, expressed frustration over his alma mater's lack of interest in blockchain technology, contrasting with global demand for blockchain education driven by major corporations and student interests.
Arbitrum DAO Approves Additional Funding for STIP Proposals
Arbitrum Decentralized Autonomous Organization approves $23.4 million budget increase for STIP, supporting emerging builders and creating welcoming environment for new projects, raising total budget to 71.4 million ARB tokens.
Circle Formally Refutes Allegations of Illicit Financing and Connections to Justin Sun
Circle denies CfA's allegations of illicit financing and Justin Sun ties, emphasizing regulatory compliance and advocating for stronger stablecoin laws, as clarified by Dante Disparte.
Google AI and Robotic Systems Forge New Frontier in Material Discovery
Google AI and robotic systems have predicted the stability of nearly 400,000 new substances, accelerating material discovery and synthesis, with implications for clean-energy technologies and other fields.
Microsoft's 2.5 billion GBP Investment in UK AI: Catalyst for Innovation and Growth
Microsoft's significant investment in the UK's AI infrastructure is expected to significantly enhance the country's technology sector and its global AI standing.
Mastercard's Dynamic Yield Launches AI-Driven Shopping Muse to Enhance Online Retail
Mastercard's Dynamic Yield has introduced "Shopping Muse," an AI-driven personal retail assistant tool, enhancing its digital personalization and AI portfolio to provide personalized product recommendations and meet evolving retail industry demands.
Dunamu's Upbit Reports 81% Profit Drop in Q3 2023
Upbit's owner, Dunamu, is facing an 81% drop in Q3 2023 profits due to falling crypto prices and a sluggish investment environment.
Fireblocks Introduces 'Off Exchange' to Address Exchange Counterparty Risk, Integrates with Deribit
Fireblocks introduces 'Off Exchange', reducing exchange counterparty risk for institutional traders, allowing them to trade directly from on-chain MPC shared wallets, marking a significant advancement in digital asset trading.
Vitalik Buterin's Vision of Techno-Optimism and AI's Future
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin advocates for a balanced approach to technology, considering both its benefits and risks, particularly in the context of AI and existential risks.

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