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Ecrett Music

Website: https://ecrettmusic.com/
Also Known for: Ecrett Music AI

  • Updated:4/18/2024
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Ecrett Music is an innovative AI-driven music composing software that enables content creators, game developers, and YouTube producers to generate royalty-free, loop-formatted music with ease. The platform offers a simple, intuitive interface that allows users to create customized music tracks without any prior musical knowledge or expertise.

Key Features

Royalty-Free Music

All music created using Ecrett Music is completely royalty-free, which means users can freely use the tracks in their projects without worrying about copyright issues or additional fees. This makes it an ideal solution for content creators who want to enhance their videos, podcasts, or games with professional-sounding music.

AI-Powered Music Generation

Ecrett Music leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique music tracks based on user preferences. By selecting a combination of scene, mood, and genre options, users can create custom music that perfectly fits their project's requirements. The AI technology ensures that each track is distinct and tailored to the user's needs.

Extensive Music Library

The platform boasts an extensive library of over 500,000 music patterns, with new tracks added monthly. This vast collection ensures that users have access to a wide variety of styles and genres, making it easy to find the perfect music for any project.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Ecrett Music features a user-friendly interface that allows even those with no musical background to create professional-sounding tracks. The platform's "Select & Create" feature enables users to choose from various scenes, moods, and genres, and then generate music with a single click.

Customization Options

Users can further customize their generated music tracks by adjusting the instruments and composition to better match their content. This feature allows for fine-tuning the music to create the perfect atmosphere for any project.

Pricing and Plans

Ecrett Music offers three pricing plans to suit different user needs and budgets:

  • Free Plan: Allows users to download preview music and manage their created tracks.
  • Individual Plan: Priced at $4.99/month (billed annually), this plan offers unlimited royalty-free music downloads for commercial projects and YouTube monetization.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $14.99/month (billed annually), this plan includes all features of the Individual Plan, with the license applied to the entire company.

Use Cases

Ecrett Music is suitable for a wide range of projects, including:

  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Video game development
  • Commercials and advertisements
  • Film and video production
  • Presentations and slideshows


Ecrett Music is a powerful AI-driven music composing software that simplifies the process of creating royalty-free, loop-formatted music for content creators, game developers, and YouTube producers. With its extensive music library, user-friendly interface, and customization options, Ecrett Music is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their projects with professional-sounding music without breaking the bank.

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