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2024-07-21 10:00
Weekly Update on Altcoins' Strength

According to @CryptoMichNL, altcoins continue to show strong performance. Historically, altcoins tend to bottom out in May and June, and this pattern is expected to hold in 2024. Given the current bull cycle, a stronger performance from altcoins is anticipated this year. (Source)

2024-07-21 09:36
Paolo Ardoino Highlights Brain-Computer Interface Technology Advancements

According to Paolo Ardoino, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology is making significant strides in improving lives. He congratulated Blackrock Neurotech for their achievements in this field. This development may have indirect implications for the crypto market by potentially influencing tech stocks and innovation-driven investments. (Source)

2024-07-21 08:05
Michaël van de Poppe's All-In Altcoin Strategy and Current Challenges

According to Michaël van de Poppe, two months ago he went all-in on altcoins and has since faced significant losses. He discusses his current game plan in a video linked in his tweet. (Source)

2024-07-21 07:49
Significant ONDO Deposits to Bybit from Multi-Sig Wallets

According to @OnchainDataNerd, within the last 24 hours, four wallets collectively deposited 1.75 million ONDO tokens (approximately $1.91 million) to the Bybit exchange. These wallets had received the ONDO tokens from a multi-signature wallet two days prior. This activity suggests that the deposits might be from early investors. (Source)

2024-07-21 07:22
HTX Introduces Innovative Trading Experience on Apple Vision Pro

According to Justin Sun, the HTX app has been downloaded on the Apple Vision Pro, offering an impressive experience for viewing cryptocurrencies and placing orders. HTX Global is developing a new concept for a crypto exchange on the Vision Pro, aiming to break visual boundaries and provide a novel trading experience. (Source)

2024-07-21 06:00
IntoTheBlock Releases New DeFi Report for Institutional Investors

According to IntoTheBlock, their latest report delves into the key aspects of DeFi that are crucial for institutional investors, focusing on Risk, Reward, and Capacity. The report is aimed at providing insights to help institutional players navigate the DeFi landscape. (Source)

2024-07-21 04:20
Pixelverse's $PIXFI Token Launch and Airdrop Announcement

According to @EmberCN, Pixelverse, a popular gaming platform on Telegram, boasts one of the largest channels with over 10.6 million subscribers. Their click-to-earn game, PixelTap, has a player base of 60 million. The platform's token, $PIXFI, was listed on multiple centralized exchanges (CEX) including Bybit and Bitget on July 18th, and an airdrop plan was announced. (Source)

2024-07-21 03:12
Whale's Recent $SNX Activity on Binance Results in Significant Loss

According to @lookonchain, a whale deposited 1.068 million $SNX (worth $2.1 million) into Binance 4 hours ago, incurring a loss of $216,000. Previously, this whale had withdrawn the same amount of $SNX (valued at $2.316 million) from Binance on January 30, July 12, and August 24, 2023, at a price of $2.17 per token. In May 2024, the whale had an unrealized profit of $3.12 million but did not sell at that time. (Source)

2024-07-21 03:05
Strategies for Gaining Attention and Retaining Users for New Web3 Products

According to @ai_9684xtpa, new Web3 products can capture attention and maintain user engagement through strategies similar to those used by Product Hunt for internet products and Dazhong Dianping for new restaurants. These strategies include points, tasks, and investments from top VCs, which can be summarized into four key aspects. (Source)

2024-07-21 02:47
Significant Bitcoin Purchases by Smart Money

According to Lookonchain, a notable entity referred to as 'smart money' has purchased 213.78 BTC valued at $14.48 million approximately 9 hours ago. This entity has accumulated a total of 677 BTC worth $45.6 million over the past 4 days. Such substantial acquisitions indicate a strong bullish sentiment and could influence market movements. (Source)

2024-07-21 02:12
Whale Sells 1,067,930 SNX on Binance, Causing 7.4% Price Drop

According to @EmberCN, a whale transferred 1,067,930 SNX (worth $2.1M) to Binance for sale 4 hours ago, resulting in a 7.4% price drop for SNX (from $1.964 to $1.819). These SNX tokens were initially withdrawn from Binance between January 31, 2023, and July 12, 2023, at an average price of $2.173. The whale sold the tokens today at $1.891 each, incurring a $0.3M (-13%) loss on this SNX investment. (Source)

2024-07-21 02:07
Whale Increases BTC Holdings with 100% Success Rate Over Last 11 Months

According to @ai_9684xtpa, a whale with a 100% success rate in BTC trading over the past 11 months has increased their holdings again after a three-day interval. Nine hours ago, this investor withdrew 213.869 BTC, valued at $14.48 million, from Binance. Since July 17, the whale has accumulated a total of 677.02 BTC, worth approximately $44.62 million, at an average cost of $65,916 per BTC. The current unrealized profit stands at $927,000. The wallet address can be viewed on the Arkham Intelligence platform. (Source)

2024-07-21 00:26
Whale Accumulates 677 BTC in Third Investment Round

According to @EmberCN, a whale who has profited $31.06M from two previous BTC swing trades over the past 11 months has recently withdrawn 213.8 BTC ($14.48M) from Binance. Since starting a third round of BTC investment on July 17, the whale has accumulated 677 BTC ($44.63M) in just 4 days, with an average purchase price of $65,923. (Source)

2024-07-20 19:18
dYdX Community Voting on RNDR-USD Market Parameters

According to @dydxfoundation, an on-chain vote has been initiated to decide whether the dYdX community should update the RNDR-USD market parameters on the dYdX Chain. This proposal is expedited, with a 24-hour voting window that ends on July 21st, 2024, at 17:55 UTC. Traders should monitor the outcome as it may impact trading conditions for RNDR-USD on the platform. (Source)

2024-07-20 19:18
Worst Crypto Breach in Over 6 Years

According to ZachXBT, the recent crypto breach is the worst in over 6 years. The breach occurred due to an employee's failure to follow basic operational security (opsec) protocols, including not changing passwords for two years and using weak passwords. Both the employee and the company are held responsible for this significant security lapse. The breach has affected tens of individuals in the crypto space. (Source)

2024-07-20 18:00
Optimal Buying Opportunity for $LINK According to Michaël van de Poppe

According to Michaël van de Poppe, $LINK is approaching an ideal buying zone as it retests the previous breakout level. He believes this is the second best opportunity to buy, following the earlier 550 accumulation range. (Source)

2024-07-20 17:27
Security Breach Due to Junior Employee's Negligence

According to @tayvano_, a junior employee had full, unrestricted access to sensitive personal information (doxx) and failed to follow basic operational security (opsec) protocols. The employee continued using the same password for years, even after downloading a game or adult content infected with raccoon stealer malware. (Source)

2024-07-20 16:20
Bitcoin ETF Shows Significant Net Inflow

According to Spot On Chain, the Bitcoin ETF recorded a net inflow of $384 million on July 19, 2024, pending confirmation. The ETF has maintained a positive net inflow for the entire trading week, totaling $1.2 billion. This figure does not include data from the ARK 21Shares (ARKB) ETF, which holds 49,318 BTC as of the latest update. (Source)

2024-07-20 16:01
Marathon Digital and Riot Blockchain Stocks Surge Over 30% in a Week

According to @intotheblock, Marathon Digital (MARA) and Riot Blockchain (RIOT), both publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies in the US, have seen their stock prices increase by over 30% in the past seven days. This significant rise highlights growing investor confidence and potential bullish sentiment in the crypto mining sector. (Source)

2024-07-20 16:00
Bitcoin Dominance Hinges on Ethereum ETF Success

According to @CryptoMichNL, the future direction of Bitcoin dominance depends on the success of the Ethereum ETF. If Bitcoin's dominance declines, it will confirm a bearish divergence, leading to a surge in altcoins. (Source)