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  • Updated:3/3/2024
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Pixble is an online service that uses artificial intelligence to enhance and edit photos. It offers products like Pixble Magic to improve image quality, Faceswapper to automatically swap faces, and I Am Hulk to turn photos into Hulk. Pixble aims to provide high-quality photo editing and enhancement easily and at a low cost.


Pixble Magic is the main photo enhancement product. It uses AI to fix issues like lighting, color, blurriness, and noise. Some key features:

  • Fixes under or overexposed photos by adjusting lighting
  • Makes colors more accurate to real life
  • Reduces noise and graininess from low light photos
  • Sharpens blurry images

Pixble Magic is targeted at individuals and businesses needing to improve photo quality like marketing teams, ecommerce sites, real estate, and creative professionals.

Faceswapper automatically swaps faces between photos using AI face detection and mapping. It renders the swapped face in 3D for a more realistic look.

I Am Hulk turns photos into Hulk using facial replacement technology.


Pixble uses artificial intelligence and neural networks trained on millions of photos to power its photo enhancement and editing capabilities. The algorithms are optimized for automatically improving image quality and processing photos quickly.

The service runs on a network of servers selected for performance. It uses bank-grade SSL encryption for security.


Pixble offers an API for integrating its photo enhancement into other applications. The API documentation claims it can be integrated in 5 minutes and handles scaling and load balancing automatically.


Pixble offers pay-as-you-go credits or monthly subscriptions. Monthly plans include:

  • Basic - $4.99/month for 11 images
  • Plus - $8.99/month for 22 images
  • Professional - $15.99/month for 42 images

All plans include priority enhancement, chat support, no watermarks, and unlimited storage for 6 months. Unused credits roll over as long as the subscription is active.

Privacy and Security

Pixble claims to take privacy and security seriously. User data is encrypted and credit card data is not stored on Pixble's servers. The site uses Stripe for payment processing.

The privacy policy discloses what data is collected and how it is used. Users can request their data be deleted.

Terms of Service

The terms of service outline policies around account usage, payments, intellectual property, disclaimers, and more. Key points:

  • Users must be of legal age to create an account
  • Pixble can terminate accounts violating the terms
  • Users retain IP rights to content they upload
  • Pixble disclaims warranties around service availability and quality

About the Company

Pixble is operated by Pixble Inc located in London, England. The company was founded in 2021.

In addition to the website, Pixble has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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