Stanford's WikiChat Addresses Hallucinations Problem and Surpasses GPT-4 in Accuracy

Stanford's WikiChat elevates AI chatbot accuracy by integrating Wikipedia, addresses the inherent problem of hallucinations, significantly outperforms GPT-4 in benchmark tests.

Nature: Why AI Meeting Quantum Computing Is a Scientific Revolution

According to Nature, the integration of AI and quantum computing, particularly in quantum machine learning, is an emerging field that offers potential for groundbreaking advancements but faces significant challenges and skepticism.

Robin AI and Harvey's Funding Surge Signals Legal AI Boom

Robin AI and Harvey AI have raised $26M and $80M respectively, indicating a strong growth phase in the legal AI sector.

How the 2021 Infrastructure Bill Impacts Cryptocurrency Reporting and Tax

The 2021 Infrastructure Bill requires IRS reporting for crypto transactions over $10,000, expanding cash definition to digital assets, and requiring brokers to report customer details within 15 days.

The SpaceX Token Scam: A Cautionary Tale in Cryptocurrency Fraud

SpaceX Tokens, a cryptocurrency linked to SpaceX, are allegedly used for decentralized funding and community engagement, but evidence suggests they are part of a scam involving fake advertisements and social media.

Here's Why Harvey's $80M Funding is a Game Changer in Legal AI

Harvey raised $715 million in a $80 million Series B funding round, showcasing its advanced AI-powered workflow optimization technology.

Gemini Pro vs GPT-4: A Comprehensive Comparison of AI Powerhouses

Google's Gemini Pro outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 in reasoning, math, and multimodal tasks, highlighting the rapid advancement in AI capabilities and driving innovation across various industries.

NFT Market Declines in 2023, Yet Bitcoin and Solana NFTs Present Significant Opportunities

In 2023, the NFT market experienced a decline, but Bitcoin and Solana NFTs showed significant growth opportunities.

StripedHyena-7B: The Next Generation AI Architecture for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

StripedHyena-7B, a new AI model, excels in processing long sequences with its hybrid architecture, outperforming traditional Transformers in efficiency and versatility.

Meta AI's Top 10 Research Breakthroughs of 2023

Meta AI announced ten significant AI research achievements in 2023, including image segmentation, computer vision, brain decoding, and multisensory AI, indicating progress and potential integration into everyday life.

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