Exclusive Interview With Agoric Director of Developer Relations

Agoric is a Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake public blockchain and smart contract platform, empowering over 14 million JavaScript developers to pioneer Web3. It offers a component library, in-depth guides, tutorials, career growth opportunities, and decentralized finance. Agoric also provides regular developer office hours, technical support, and boot camps.

Exclusive: Johan Hörmark on SEB's Blockchain-Driven Bond Platform

Johan Hörmark, Project Manager at SEB, discusses the transformative potential of their blockchain-based digital bond platform, so|bond, in the financial secto

BNB Chain: Driving the Next Billion User Revolution in Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse – An Exclusive Interview

Discover BNB Chain's strategy for onboarding 1 billion Web3 users, bridging the decentralized tech gap, managing transaction costs, and future platform developments in our exclusive interview.

Interview with Noble Gold Investments CEO: Gold as Hedge Tool against Inflation?

Exclusive: Blockchain.News recently had a conversation with Collin Plume, the President and CEO of Noble Gold Investments, regarding whether gold could be a safe haven investment that investors should rely on during turmoil times.

Crypto Talk with OliveX's CEO Rumjahn: Move-To-Earn Fitness App & DOSE Token

Exclusive: Blockchain.News spoke to Keith Rumjahn, CEO of OliveX and Founder of DOSE token, to explore the potential development of a move-to-earn app and how cryptocurrency shapes the virtual fitness industry.

ETH Merge Will Propel Narrative of Cryptos Being Eco-Friendly: Head of Sales at Moneycorp

Once Ethereum shifts to a PoS consensus mechanism, validators will replace miners in the confirmation of blocks because they will use the staked Ether. As a result, prompting a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach.

HK's PANGU Constructs Virtual Space in Metaverse, Expanding P2E Model for Business Growth

Speaking to Blockchain.News in an exclusive interview, Hong Kong-based graphic design and production start-up PANGU, a metaverse agency appointed by the Sandbox, provides one-stop-solution services for clients to establish and develop their own virtual land in the Metaverse.

Bitcoin Investment in Pension Portfolio Diversifies Inflation Risk: First Digital Trust CEO

Blockchain.News conducted an interview analysis to examine whether adding Bitcoin to a standard pension fund portfolio has positive impact on the fund’s risk and return figures.

LOST Island to Provide Groundbreaking Escape Game Experience

LOST's entry into the metaverse with LOST Island will provide users with game-changing escape game experiences as the company has initiated various upcoming initiatives, the company told Blockchain.News.

E-HKD’s Development in Hong Kong- The Future Way of Currency?

Exclusive: a study shows that 90% of surveyed central banks worldwide are exploring the future issuance of CBDCs. Blockchain.News interviewed industry experts to find out the outlook of e-HKD and its potential adoption.

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