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AI-powered project steals $1M from consumers.

Luisa Crawford Mar 21, 2023 09:23

Users have reported that the AI-based decentralized application project Harvest Keeper has stolen approximately one million dollars from their accounts in what is likely to be a fraud.

AI-powered project steals $1M from consumers.

A project that is claiming to be a "AI-based" decentralized application has taken almost one million dollars from its users in what is suspected to be a scam. This comes at the same time that artificial intelligence (AI) has recently become a topic of interest due to the capabilities displayed by ChatGPT v4.

At the time of this writing, the blockchain security platform CertiK has just revealed that Harvest Keeper has been responsible for the theft of about $933,000 worth of customers' money. According to CertiK's findings, users on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon networks have together suffered losses of around 219 thousand dollars as a result of ice phishing transactions. The cybersecurity company pleaded with customers to take back whatever rights they had granted to the initiative and cautioned users to avoid engaging with the organization's website.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative known as Harvest Keeper claims that it "optimizes the trading process for maximum payout" and guarantees a return of 4.81% on customer deposits. The platform advertises on its website that it would provide a return on investment of 101% within 21 days and an 8% incentive for referrals. The initiative has more than 32,000 people following it on its Telegram channel and approximately 30,000 people following it on Twitter.

On the other hand, in the midst of the renewed interest in ChatGPT on Twitter, hundreds of profiles on the social platform have arisen with the claim that they are associated with "CryptoGPT." On March 10, a hashtag dubbed "CryptoGPT" that was related with an ongoing token project was trending on Twitter. As a result of it, a number of accounts that are quite similar to it have appeared, some of which advertise phony freebies. On top of that, dozens of Twitter accounts with the same name have been plaguing the social platform, and some of these accounts have been advertising freebies and airdrops that may or may not be real.

Once the most recent version of ChatGPT shown that it was capable of auditing smart contracts on Ethereum, many people began to wonder whether or not it would one day replace coders. Yet, when asked about this topic at the most recent ETHDubai event, blockchain engineers voiced their confidence that the newest version of the widely used AI tool would not replace developers but rather assist them.

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