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Alexey Pertsev will remain held until next year's hearing

Luisa Crawford Nov 23, 2022 02:07

Alexsey Pertsev will spend another three months in Dutch prison. After 103 days in detention, he had a preliminary court hearing. The counsel stated the first session has been postponed until 2023 and that the state gave a one-sided view.

Alexey Pertsev will remain held until next year's hearing

On November 22, the creator of Tornado Cash, Alexsey Pertsev, was hauled before a court in the Netherlands for a hearing during which it was ruled that he would stay in prison in the Netherlands for an extra three months. This decision was made after the hearing. After spending 103 days in jail awaiting his preliminary court hearing, Pertsev appeared before a judge at the Palace of Justice in's-Hertogenbosch. The hearing was held in connection with his case. During the course of the hearing, a condensed version of the allegations that are being leveled against him was presented.


Before the opening statement for the defense was made by Advocate WK Cheng, the prosecution gave a detailed account of the investigation that they had conducted. They depicted Pertsev in their presentation as an important cog in the wheel that is Tornado Cash's operations, which is not accurate.


Cheng shed light on a variety of issues that offer an overview of the use cases for Tornado Cash and refute the misunderstandings that surround its operation. Cheng's talk can be seen here.


The attorney for the defense said once again that he was of the opinion that the state had only shown one aspect of Pertsev's connection to Tornado Cash in their case. He made this declaration while also disclosing that the initial date for the first session has been altered to the 20th of February in the year 2023. This revelation came at the same time as the previous announcement.


In spite of the fact that Pertsev's legal team had given a number of assurances that he would be subject to monitoring at his home and weekly check-ins at the local police station in the event that he was released, the prosecution expressed concern that Pertsev could flee the country if he were to be released from custody before the beginning of the trial. This concern was voiced despite the fact that Pertsev's legal team had made a number of assurances

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