American Health Firm Enhances Medical Record Transparency with Blockchain

Geoffrey Gardiner   Dec 13, 2019 19:00 - 2019-12-13T164344.897.jpg

For the next 3 years, American Health Insurance Company Anthem is reported to be adding blockchain technology to store and share medical history for its 40 million-plus consumer base. 

Currently, in the initial stages of testing, Anthem is aiming to offer new features to a select few members to begin the 3-year roll-out plan. Digital Chief and Officer Rajeev Ronanki spoke on behalf of the project, adding, “The system is live for 200 employees, allowing users to scan QR codes available on the Health App to show medical history to healthcare providers for a limited period.”

Direct access to personal medical records and history is a strong movement in the industry, as more and more patients are crying out for improved transparency and efficiency, to allow personal health the best chance of sustainability. Having access to your personal medical history and the ability to share with your physician, can drastically improve time, efficiency and knowledge on previous and future steps to recover. 

Data security and reduction in cost, are 2 major elements that can only improve the current systems, even though it will require time to implement. 

CEO Gail Boudreaux, attending the Forbes 8th Healthcare Summit in New York, spoke about giving power back to the people, ultimately letting individuals hold all the needed documents to live the best lives they can. 

Blockchain and Healthcare continue to grow, globally in the US and in Europe all across the private and public sectors with large investments of time and finances. 


Image via Mobiloitte Technologies


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