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Binance Academy Introduces University-Accredited Programs with Discount and Rewards

Jessie A Ellis Apr 16, 2024 13:23

Binance Academy is launching university-accredited blockchain and digital asset programs in collaboration with European institutions. Enrollment fees are discounted by 10 USDT, with successful completion offering a co-branded certificate and 60% discount during a limited-time discount period.

Binance Academy Introduces University-Accredited Programs with Discount and Rewards

Binance Academy has recently unveiled a range of university-accredited programs in partnership with leading educational institutions in Europe. These programs are designed to provide learners with in-depth knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and digital assets.

The participating universities include the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), the European Business Institute (EBI) of Luxembourg, and the ESCP Business School. Each program has been developed in collaboration with experienced professors who teach crypto and blockchain-related courses on campus.

To ensure accessibility and affordability, Binance Academy has priced the enrollment fees for these programs at just 10 USDT. This discounted rate aims to make high-quality education in the field of blockchain accessible to learners worldwide.

Upon successful completion of a program, participants will receive a co-branded certificate from the respective university and Binance Academy, enhancing their credentials and knowledge in the blockchain industry.

To celebrate the launch of these university-accredited programs, Binance Academy is offering a limited-time discount and rewarding participants. During the activity period, users who enroll in any of the new programs using Binance Pay will receive a 60% discount on the enrollment fees. This means that the enrollment fee for each program is reduced to 4 USDT during the promotional period.

Furthermore, the first 2,000 new users who complete the program and meet specific requirements will receive a 4 USDT token voucher as a reward. The tasks include registering for a Binance account, completing identity verification, purchasing a university program using Binance Pay, completing the program, and sharing the certificate of completion on social media.

It is important to note that this activity may not be available in all regions, and only verified Binance users from qualified regions where Binance Pay is available are eligible to participate and receive rewards. The token voucher rewards will be distributed within 21 working days after the activity ends.

Binance Academy aims to provide comprehensive and accessible education in the field of blockchain and digital assets. Through these university-accredited programs, learners can enhance their knowledge and skills, bolstering their understanding of the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

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