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Binance Announces 2,000,000 Binance Points Giveaway with June Missions

Caroline Bishop May 31, 2024 05:15

Binance offers June Missions with a 2,000,000 Binance Points reward pool.

Binance Announces 2,000,000 Binance Points Giveaway with June Missions

In a recent announcement, Binance has revealed its upcoming June Missions, a series of tasks that allow participants to share a reward pool of 2,000,000 Binance Points. This initiative aims to engage users with a variety of activities and foster greater interaction with the platform.

Details of the Activity Period

The June Missions will run from May 31, 2024, at 00:00 (UTC) to June 14, 2024, at 23:59 (UTC). During this period, users can complete specified tasks to earn Binance Points, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards in the Rewards Hub.

How to Participate

To get started, users need to visit the landing page and click the “Do it” button next to a mission. Participants must complete the missions within the Activity Period to earn activity attempts. Each attempt involves clicking the “GO” button, which triggers a cursor to rotate and land on a square, determining the outcome.

Available Missions and Rewards

Participants can unlock more activity attempts by completing specific tasks such as:

  • Referring a friend to sign up, complete KYC, and deposit at least 50 USDT equivalent to unlock four attempts.
  • Trading a total of at least 500 USDT equivalent on any spot trading pairs to unlock one attempt.
  • Trading a total of at least 200 USDT equivalent on BTC spot trading pairs to unlock one attempt.
  • Purchasing at least 100 USDT worth of crypto via Binance P2P to unlock one attempt.
  • Depositing at least 100 USDT via Fiat Deposit to unlock one attempt.

Binance Points and Their Use

Binance Points are part of Binance's loyalty program and can be accumulated by completing tasks and participating in activities. These points can be redeemed for various rewards in the Rewards Hub, including token vouchers.

Terms and Conditions

Only verified users are eligible to participate, and each mission can be completed once every 72 hours, except for the referral mission, which can be completed at any time. Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegally bulk account registrations. Additionally, Binance may amend or vary the activity terms at their discretion.

For more details on the June Missions and to participate, users can visit the official Binance announcement.

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