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Binance to Delist ACE, DOT, and Other Spot Trading Pairs

Jessie A Ellis Jun 05, 2024 07:52

Binance announces the removal of several spot trading pairs, including ACE/BNB and DOT/TUSD.

Binance to Delist ACE, DOT, and Other Spot Trading Pairs

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the removal of several spot trading pairs from its platform. The decision comes as part of Binance's periodic reviews aimed at maintaining a high-quality trading environment, according to the official announcement.

Details of the Delisting

The affected trading pairs include ACE/BNB, DOT/TUSD, MAGIC/FDUSD, MEME/BNB, SAND/BNB, and XAI/TUSD. These pairs will cease trading on June 7, 2024, at 03:00 (UTC). Binance cited factors such as poor liquidity and low trading volumes as reasons for the delisting.

Impact on Users

Users engaged in spot trading with the aforementioned pairs are advised to take necessary actions. Binance will also terminate Spot Trading Bots services for these pairs on the same date and time. Users are strongly encouraged to update or cancel their Spot Trading Bots to avoid any potential losses.

Additional Notes

Binance has highlighted that there may be discrepancies in translated versions of its original announcement. Users are advised to refer to the English version for the most accurate information. The exchange also reserves the right to amend or cancel the announcement at any time without prior notice.

Related Developments

This delisting follows a trend among major exchanges to periodically review and optimize their trading pairs for better market efficiency. Earlier this year, Binance had removed other trading pairs due to similar issues. Such actions are part of a broader initiative to ensure a secure and efficient trading environment for users.

For further details, the original announcement can be found on Binance.

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