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Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Mined 378 BTC and Sold 333 in July

Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms mined 378 BTC and sold 333 in July 2023. The report details expansion plans, including a move to double hydropower capacity, and highlights challenges faced.

  • Aug 01, 2023 14:30
Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Mined 378 BTC and Sold 333 in July

Bitfarms Ltd., a global vertically integrated Bitcoin mining company, has released its Bitcoin (BTC) production and mining operations update for July 2023. The report, published on August 1, 2023, provides detailed insights into the company's recent activities, performance metrics, and future plans.

Mining Performance and Expansion

In July 2023, Bitfarms mined 378 BTC, a decrease of 1.8% compared to 385 BTC in June 2023. The reduction was attributed to a 3.3% increase in network difficulty and disruptions caused by extreme weather events, including record temperatures and wildfires in Quebec. A direct lightning strike that disabled the primary electricity transformer at the Magog farm also contributed to the temporary reduction in production.

Despite these challenges, Bitfarms initiated an expansion plan to nearly double its hydropower capacity to 350 MW by acquiring 150 MW of under-utilized hydropower in Paraguay. Construction on the first 50 MW facility is planned to commence in Q3 2023.

New Developments and Operational Highlights

Production at the 11th Farm: Bitfarms started production at its 11th farm in Baie-Comeau, aiming to reach 11 MW of production in Q3 2023, with an additional 11 MW targeted for 2H 2024.

BTC Price Rise: The average BTC price rose to $30,100 in July, up 9.1% from $27,600 in June.

Treasury Increase: Of the 378 BTC mined, 333 BTC were sold, and 45 BTC were added to the treasury, reaching 594 BTC at July 31, 2023.

Paraguay Expansion: The company acquired two Power Purchase Agreements for up to 150 MW of hydropower in Paraguay, marking a significant step in its expansion strategy.

Upgrades and Installations: Various upgrades and miner installations were carried out in Quebec, Argentina, and Washington State, enhancing production efficiency.

Financial Update

Bitfarms sold 333 BTC of the 378 BTC mined in July, generating total proceeds of $9.9 million. The company also reduced its total outstanding indebtedness by $1.8 million, resulting in a remaining balance of $13.7 million at July 31, 2023. Additionally, 45 BTC were added to the treasury, increasing custody to 594 BTC, representing approximately $17.3 million based on a BTC price of $29,200 at July 31, 2023.

Future Prospects

Bitfarms' CEO, Geoff Morphy, emphasized the company's disciplined growth strategy, focusing on securing low-cost power and investing in highly efficient operations. The expansion in Paraguay and the initiation of new farms reflect the company's commitment to leveraging industry knowledge and economies of scale.

The company also plans to attend various conferences and events in the coming months, including Bitfarms Analyst Day on September 14th in New York City.

Bitfarms' July 2023 report showcases a robust strategy for growth and expansion, coupled with a commitment to sustainable energy utilization. Despite temporary setbacks due to weather and technical issues, the company's focus on hydropower capacity, geographic diversification, and operational efficiency positions it as a significant player in the global Bitcoin mining landscape. The report also highlights Bitfarms' financial stability and readiness to leverage future opportunities in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

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