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Bitget U30 Hackathon Recognizes Budding AI and Blockchain Innovators

Bitget’s Under 30 Virtual Hackathon, a part of its Blockchain4Youth initiative, concluded on October 16, 2023, showcasing exemplary AI and blockchain innovations. With over 1,000 participating teams, winners were recognized across various categories, each receiving $10,000. The hackathon highlighted promising young talents, aligning with Bitget's aim of promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption among the youth.

  • Oct 18, 2023 12:20
Bitget U30 Hackathon Recognizes Budding AI and Blockchain Innovators

Bitget, a renowned cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform, celebrated the triumphant teams of its Under 30 Virtual Hackathon on October 16, 2023. This venture is a part of the Blockchain4Youth CSR program aimed at fostering young talents in AI and blockchain technology. The hackathon commenced on August 12 and concluded on September 24, 2023, spotlighting remarkable innovations in AI and blockchain arenas.

The U30 Hackathon was executed with the concerted effort of Bitget alongside industry frontrunners such as Bitget Wallet, Foresight Ventures, and HackerEarth. A significant prize pool of $40,000 was set forth, luring over 1,000 teams of youthful innovators. Bitget's internal blockchain mavens formed the judging panel, ensuring that the lauded submissions not only epitomized innovation but also bore the potential for real-world application.

The hackathon encapsulated three intriguing themes:

Trustless Infrastructure for AI: Participants fabricated a trustless infrastructure for AI, facilitating secure AI applications through zero-knowledge proofs (zkp) and zk-SNARKs. This also allowed for the creation of secure and private machine learning applications via blockchain technology.

AIGC and Web3 Gaming: Addressing challenges like scalability and security in the gaming sector, contestants devised solutions using AIGC and blockchain to augment Web 3 gaming experiences.

AI Marketplace: Contestants generated an AI marketplace ensuring the secure and transparent trading of AI algorithms and data, leveraging blockchain technology.

The winners were honored in distinct categories, each bagging $10,000 for their exemplary work:

Impact to Blockchain Community: Lilium's carbon offset program utilizing blockchain for carbon credit verification.

Most Creative Solution: Grease Pencil's AI-driven storyboard builder.

Most Viable Solution: Explore the World's NFT-based game offering business coupons on NFTs.

Best Design: Derma 360's AI-empowered skin problem diagnosing pen.

Gracy Chen, Bitget's Managing Director, expressed her enthusiasm towards the outcomes. She emphasized that this hackathon mirrors the inventive spirit and potential of future leaders, aligning with Bitget’s broader Blockchain4Youth initiative to motivate blockchain and cryptocurrency uptake among the youth. The innovations unveiled are poised to significantly impact the crypto and blockchain sectors.

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