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BitMEX Launches NOTUSDT Perpetual Swap with 10x Leverage

Jessie A Ellis May 17, 2024 07:57

BitMEX introduced NOTUSDT perpetual swap, offering up to 10x leverage to traders.

BitMEX Launches NOTUSDT Perpetual Swap with 10x Leverage

BitMEX Introduces NOTUSDT Perpetual Swap

In a recent announcement, BitMEX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a new listing, NOTUSDT perpetual swap, which is now available for trading. This new addition offers traders the opportunity to leverage their positions up to 10 times, enhancing their potential for significant returns.

Details of the NOTUSDT Listing

The NOTUSDT perpetual swap began trading on BitMEX at 04:00 UTC. Detailed contract specifications are available on the exchange’s platform. Traders interested in learning more about the new NOTUSDT perpetual swap can find additional information on the BitMEX blog.

BitMEX’s Ongoing Commitment to Enhancing Trading Options

The addition of the NOTUSDT perpetual swap to BitMEX’s trading platform demonstrates the exchange’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the trading options available to its users. By providing traders with the ability to leverage their positions, BitMEX is opening up new possibilities for profit in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

BitMEX has always been known for its user-friendly platform and the wide range of trading options it offers. This recent inclusion of NOTUSDT perpetual swap is a testament to its dedication to continue providing its users with the best trading options in the market.

For any further queries regarding the new listing, BitMEX encourages its users to get in touch with their support team.

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