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BounceBit Announces BounceClub Mainnet Launch

BounceBit has officially announced the launch of BounceClub Mainnet, an onchain Web3 universe designed for everyone.

  • May 13, 2024 17:43
BounceBit Announces BounceClub Mainnet Launch

BounceBit, a key player in the cryptocurrency sector, has officially launched its BounceClub Mainnet, an onchain Web3 universe designed for everyone to create and engage. This comes after the successful completion of the BounceClub East-to-West Testnet Event and Testnet Phase 2.

Mainnet Club Distribution

In line with the Mainnet launch, a total of 7000 BounceClubs have been pre-minted. The first 1000 BounceClubs are reserved by BounceBit and distributed as rewards to ecosystem partners, while the remaining 6000 will be allocated to the top 6000 Testnet BounceClub owners, based on the amount of BIT accrued during the East-to-West Testnet Event.

Daily Club Lottery

BounceBit has also introduced a Daily Club Lottery to give users the chance to acquire a BounceClub. Each day, a BounceClub is created and auctioned off on the Club Market page in a lottery format. Users can enter by committing 10 BB tokens to the lucky draw pool. The Clubs are tradable and transferable on Mainnet.

BounceBit App Store

Integral to BounceClub is the BounceBit App Store, a library of diverse Web3 plugins from DeFi, Gaming to SocialFi, AI. Developers are welcome to submit their protocols to be potentially featured on the BounceBit App Store. BounceClub owners can personalize their Clubs and provide club members with Web3 activities by selecting and adding apps to their Clubs.

What BounceClub Mainnet Offers

As a Club owner, you can customize your Club, from setting up the Club Portfolio to minting tokens and stablecoins within the Club. You can select and add different apps to your Club, providing various functionalities and DeFi yield opportunities for Club members. On the other hand, Club members can engage in various Web3 activities provided within Clubs, including DeFi apps that offer yield opportunities, games, chat rooms, and more.

Deploy on BounceBit Testnet

BounceBit Mainnet offers developers the chance to deploy on the BounceBit chain by submitting their DApps to be listed on the BounceBit App Store. The BounceBit App Store features both in-house DApps and those developed by our community or external projects.

About BounceClub

BounceClub is a one-stop shop for personalized on-chain spaces. It also features the BounceBit App Store, a treasure trove of pre-built Web3 plugins curated for ease of use. Developers can submit their smart contracts for listing, empowering BounceClub owners with endless possibilities.

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