Cardano to be Integrated with Wolfram Alpha’s Technology to Build Advanced Smart Contracts

Sarah Tran   Dec 17, 2020 15:19

Cardano has recently announced that it will be integrating with Wolfram Alpha, the world’s largest answer computing engine. Wolfram Blockchain Labs, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research will be partnering with the blockchain development company behind Cardano, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK).

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According to the official announcement, the Cardano blockchain data would be integrated into Wolfram Alpha. Cardano is one of the select few blockchain platforms to be integrated into Wolfram’s technology. The official announcement read:

“We're partnering with Wolfram Blockchain Labs to integrate the Cardano blockchain data into Wolfram Alpha, making #Cardano one of the select few blockchain platforms to be integrated into Wolfram’s industry leaning technology base.”

IOHK further explained that the collaboration would enable users to interrogate the Cardano blockchain through Wolfram’s language functions. This would also include work on avant garde oracles. IOHK elaborated:

“Wolfram Alpha is a natural language processing tool and the world’s largest source of computational knowledge. The collaboration will allow users to interrogate the Cardano blockchain through Wolfram language functions, and will include work on avant garde oracles.”

The feature between the two entities would be rolled out in 2021, and the integration would be released later this year. Major blockchain platforms, including the Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum network were already integrated with Wolfram’s computational technology, including ARK blockchain, and Bloxberg.

Smart contract-based applications would also be developed between the two entities, to enable blockchain-based commerce and business model transformation. IOHK also recently introduced two new development environments enabling developers to write smart contracts for Cardano. 

IOHK announced that the two new development environments, also known as devnets for Cardano are KEVM and IELE. The KEVM devnet enables the deployment of any smart contract on the Cardano blockchain that is written in solidity, a programming language for smart contracts most commonly on Ethereum. KEVM uses a version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

IELE enables blockchain development to be accessed by all capable developers, allowing smart contracts and Dapps to be built on any non-blockchain-specific programming language, including Java, C++, Python, Rust, and many others.

These devnets will be launched as standalone networks and will be connected to sidechains on the Cardano mainnet in H1 2021. Cardano has also recently had a network upgrade, the Allegra hard fork via its hard fork combinator (HFC) technology.

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