Chinese Military Likely to Employ Blockchain Management to Improve Performance

Alo Kingsley   Nov 20, 2019 04:00 - 2019-11-20T114019.162.jpg


A report on Nov. 18 from the Chinese media Global Times, has stated that the Chinese military is likely to adopt blockchain technology to ensure proper management of personnel data, improve their training and performance in mission. They also planned to provide soldiers with earned tokens, which could be spent on rewards.


This new reward system, according to experts, is an excellent incentive to the military than former systems.


The ability of blockchain technology to record and store data on military training, professional skills, and assignments of missions will make it possible for a soldier's performance record to be evaluated and calculated. Following this, the promised reward can easily be paid to soldiers who have done well, whereas tokens of those soldiers who did not perform well will be deducted.


The blockchain technology will ensure that transmitted data are safe and secure, which will give the military a sense of confidentiality of information sent.  


The report noted that the said token system could generate unbiased evaluations of troops and thereby motivating them when they get rewarded.


"It sounds similar to a KPI system that will give feedback to the troops very frequently," the expert said regarding the token. Although it cannot be permitted to circulate as money, it can only be used as an incentive to motivate soldiers.



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