Cometh Gaming Studio Announces $10m Funding in Seed Round

Aaron Limbu   May 05, 2022 10:20

Cometh gaming studio has announced a $10 million seed round as it launched a second blockchain-based video game. - 2022-05-05T180356.928.jpg

The startup creates games built on blockchain technology. The games created by Cometh can seamlessly connect with DeFi protocols so that they are equipped with a suite of crypto-based financial tools.

Cometh's primary focus is to build an end-to-end gaming platform powering the next generation of play-to-earn (P2E) games.

Besides creating games, Cometh also helps gaming firms build out crypto functionality.

According to a press release, venture capital firm White Star Capital, gaming giant Ubisoft and DeFi group Stake Capital led the investment, with Serena Capital, Shima Capital and IDEO Colab Ventures all participating. However, Cometh has not disclosed its valuation yet.

Cometh’s founder Jerome de Tychey said, “our team builds games that explore the new possibilities offered by blockchain technology along with the tools to enhance traditional games with it.”

Cometh also released the studio's second title, Cometh Battle.

Along with games, Cometh is also working on supplying its technology to help other brands to showcase non-fungible tokens.

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