Crypto Data Platform Offers Digital Asset Data to Institutional Clients via BT Radianz Cloud

Alo Kingsley   Nov 28, 2019 13:30 - 2019-11-28T135715.366.jpg


CryptoCompare, the digital asset data provider company for both institutional and retail clients, announced in a press release on its blog that it plans to offer a suite of digital asset data products via the BT Radianz Cloud, as a secure and reliable financial markets cloud communities which will enable institutional clients to have a fine, secure and dependable perspective of the growing digital asset class.


Managing Director of Radianz BT, Michael Woodman said that the addition of CryptoCompare to the Radianz Cloud would provide their institutional clients the opportunity to see the better side of the digital asset class, creating enough chances for the growth and development of an ambitious institution.


"Adding CryptoCompare to the Radianz Cloud offers our established institution clients access to a reliable and granular dataset for the fast-growing digital asset class. It creates new opportunities for institutions with ambitions for growth and helps provide transparency in the digital asset market," Woodman said.


By adding CryptoCompare’s full suite of digital asset data, BT Radianz's clients will gain access to a thorough market data offering plus trade and order book data across more than 150,000 crypto-trading pairs and also reference rates.


The co-founder and CEO of CryptoCompare, Charles Hayter, held that this development would ignite confidence about the digital asset data class into clients.


“As the digital asset class matures, increasing numbers of institutions are exploring the opportunities this industry offers. By providing access to CryptoCompare’s trusted datasets via the secure BT Radianz Cloud, we will encourage greater confidence in this fast-growing asset class.”



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