Chico Crypto Goes Head-to-Head with Cardano Founder on Smart Contracts

Geoffrey Gardiner   Dec 14, 2019 10:00 - 2019-12-13T172337.472.jpg

Crypto gets its first bout in the ring with well-known crypto YouTuber Tyler Swope aka Chico Crypto going head to head against Charles Hoskinson Founder of Cardano.

As reported from Chico Crypto himself, live streaming on youtube, a fight has been on the cards for weeks. With quips coming from both sides on who would win and who would be happy to get this fight moving. 

The proceeds will all go towards charity which will make it a fight for a good cause, many other events have taken place in recent years with influencers getting into the ring. This time St. Judges Children's Hospital will receive all of the proceeds. 

Industry awareness for blockchain and raising money for charities is all a positive that will surely get enough media coverage. But does this have any meaning for cryptocurrency or blockchain?

With many questioning, if this is newsworthy, only time will tell leading up to and after the event. Mass adoption and media need to continue to breach all industries, with sports being a fantastic podium to discuss more the technology and what it can do for the athletes, ticket offices and more. 

Showing off what blockchain can currently do, the fighters' contracts for the fight will very likely happen on-chain. With both fighters agreeing to terms and having everything signed likely on the Ethereum blockchain. Showcasing what can currently be achieved, and its many benefits will be one strong reason why those in the industry should be hoping for more information and events like this to be shared on traditional media channels, with those not working or investing in the industry. 

Smart contracts will have a great chance to shine showing how agreements can be carried out fairly, cheaply and effectively using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) aka Blockchain. 

Taking control of how proceeds are distributed, rewarded and also confirmed is a huge advantage that DLT brings. With over 60,000 subscribers coming from YouTuber Chico Crypto alone, it could be one of the biggest crypto events of 2020.


Image via Lee Cooper


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