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Disney's new CEO Bob Iger and crypto

Bob Iger has announced a surprise return to his former role as CEO of Disney. The Disney executive became known in the crypto community after becoming a director, adviser and investor in Genies. He will reportedly work with the board to set the strategic direction for the company and work to develop a successor.

  • Nov 21, 2022 02:27
Disney's new CEO Bob Iger and crypto

A believer in the Metaverse's promise. Bob Iger has startled the business community by stating that he would immediately resume his prior position as Disney's CEO. Iger will succeed Bob Chapek, who has already submitted his retirement from his position.

Iger gained the most of his renown during his 15-year tenure as CEO of the international entertainment giant, which is perhaps his most notable accomplishment. However, the Disney executive rose to prominence in the cryptocurrency industry after joining Genies as a director, consultant, and investor. Genies is a blockchain technology development company. The Genies platform is a digital avatar system that is powered by Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain.

Iger remarked that he was "thrilled to be joining the Genies Board of Directors" to help Akash Nigam and his colleagues in their aim to "empower individuals to construct the mobile apps of Web3: avatar ecosystems." This was done in order to further the objective of "enabling anybody to create mobile apps for Web3."

When Disney submitted its metaverse patent application on December 28, Iger was still serving as CEO and chairman of the board.

The patent was for a "virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue," and according to the application, it would allow attendees at Disney theme parks to build and project personalised 3D effects onto adjacent actual locations, such as walls and other objects, using their mobile phones. The patent was for a "virtual world simulator in a real-world setting," thus this would be doable. This objective might be accomplished using a technology known as a "virtual world simulator in a real-world situation."

Disney said at the time that there were "no present intentions" to use the "virtual-world simulator" patent into any of its products. Moreover, the corporation has not yet announced any items related with the patent.

According to reports, Iger's return to Disney will be brief, and he has only committed to staying in his capacity as Disney's CEO for the next two years. This information was collected from The Hollywood Reporter.

It has been reported that during his new tenure as CEO, Iger would seek to choose a successor and work with the board of directors to determine the company's strategic future.

Despite his absence during the course of the year, Disney has maintained its attempts to develop initiatives involving the metaverse, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology. The completion of these endeavours is planned.

Disney began searching for a senior counsel in September in order to work on transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, blockchain technology, and decentralised finance. Disney is actively doing research on all of these subjects (DeFi).

They are looking for a specialised professional to give "complete product life cycle legal advise and assistance for global NFT goods" and to guarantee that the products in question conform with all applicable laws and regulations inside the United States and internationally.

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