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DLT Finance Receives BaFin Licenses to Launch Trading Platform for Digital Assets

The new platform is now offering a variety of digital asset services to institutional clients after receiving nine new trading licenses.

  • May 18, 2022 07:50
DLT Finance Receives BaFin Licenses to Launch Trading Platform for Digital Assets

DLT Finance Group, a financial services company, based in Frankfurt, Germany, announced on Tuesday that it has received nine BaFin licenses that gave its approval to launch a digital asset platform targeting global financial institutions.

With the regulatory approval, the digital asset platform now offers a wide variety of regulated digital asset services, including brokerage, trading, custody, staking, and DeFi protocols.

DLT Finance disclosed that its new suite of digital asset solutions includes the following: prime brokerage, direct market access to a dozen liquidity venues, OTC Trading, deposits and withdrawals of crypto for instant trading, crypto custody, facilitation of relevant compliance processes, staking, and access to DeFi and liquidity mining, as well as borrowing and lending.

DLT Finance stated that it designed the digital asset platform to cater to institutional clients' needs, such as banks, brokers, asset managers, and crypto exchanges, among others.

DLT Finance revealed that it has already partnered with major firms within the digital asset space, including Kraken, Bitstamp, B2C2, and Bittrex.

DLT Finance empowers its customers with one API to seamlessly integrate crypto products into their platforms through its platform.

The unique BaFin licensing arrangement offers an innovative regulatory solution for digital asset markets. DLT Finance said that its customers no longer need their own license, as they can trade legally and securely with the company.

The digital asset platform acts as an institutional counterparty where clients can trade on leading liquidity venues and choose from financial commission brokerage, OTC and direct market access. Customers can also stake assets directly from their custody and access to liquidity mining pools and the world of DeFi.

Furthermore, DLT Finance mentioned its digital asset platform facilitates regulatory compliance of digital asset custody for its clients, offers custom solutions for crypto derivatives, and issuance and placement for tokenized or traditional securities. The platform is streamlined with API access and direct online banking integration.

While existing solutions only facilitate closed-end systems, DLT Finance empowers its customers to create an open system in which assets can be directly deposited and withdrawn. Such developments are set to improve access and regulatory cover for digital assets significantly, thus attracting new participants into the crypto landscape.

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