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Eternal Paradox Season 5 Launches with New Content and Enhancements

Felix Pinkston Jun 19, 2024 09:19

Gala Games kicks off Season 5 of Eternal Paradox with new content, challenges, and improvements to enhance player experience.

Eternal Paradox Season 5 Launches with New Content and Enhancements

Gala Games has officially launched Season 5 of its popular mobile 4X RPG hybrid, Eternal Paradox. This new season brings a plethora of fresh content, thrilling challenges, and enhanced rewards designed to keep players engaged and strategizing.

Season Content

New Season Pass: Storm of the Desert

The fifth season introduces the new “Storm of the Desert” castle skin through its Season Pass. This addition allows players to enhance their stronghold's appearance and assert their dominance on the battlefield.

Arena Pass

A new Arena Pass will be available for two weeks, offering players additional opportunities to earn exclusive rewards and showcase their combat skills.

Mercenary Buffs

  • Torsten: +100% HP
  • Bianca: +100% ATK
  • Zarkhan: +100% ATK

Enhanced Rewards for Guild Conquests

The bonus reward previously reserved for the top guild in each Conquest has been expanded to include the top five guilds. The specific rewards will be decided by a community vote, encouraging players to participate in shaping the future of the game.

Fixes & Improvements

Based on valuable player feedback, several adjustments have been made:

  • [Achievement Event] Eliminate Shakram and Capture Prisoners: The difficulty has been halved.
  • Guild Attendance Requests: The cooldown has changed from 5 seconds to 1 hour.
  • Guild Festival Missions: The mission to summon the Doombringer has been removed.
  • Contribution Level Prediction: A display error affecting predicted Contribution Levels for the next season has been fixed.

Important Note: The error affecting Contribution Level predictions is still being resolved. Points from the previous season set to expire may cause a significant drop in your Contribution Level.

Store Updates

This update is more concise compared to previous seasons, reflecting Gala Games' commitment to streamline communications while delivering substantial improvements and new content. The company values player support and feedback as it continues to enhance the gaming experience in Eternal Paradox.

For more details, visit the official Gala Games news page.

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