Ethereum Express Establishes Two Pilot Projects Encompassing Over 48,000 Users

Brian Njuguna   Dec 01, 2019 14:00 - 2019-11-29T104417.651.jpg

Ethereum Express (EEX), a community-driven decentralized ecosystem, has revealed the launching of two pilot projects that will comprise of more than 48,000 users. These initiatives are utilizing the Proof-of-Authority-based Ethereum Express blockchain to boost the productivity of their business procedures. 

This follows EEX’s intensive testing and development as it seeks to offer blockchain-based solutions to its first clients.

The first project entails Mining Express, a mining company that required feasible and technologically advanced solutions in facilitating commendable interactions with end-users. Conversely, the second involves a gambling company with the objective of making online entertainment processes more understandable and transparent to its users. This is founded on the high volume of gambling-linked transactions on blockchains. 

Preliminary analysis shows that over 48,000 users from Brazil, Ukraine, Japan, and the US, among other nations, will be involved in both pilot projects, and the total cost is expected to surpass $500 million. 

EEX's founders have stipulated that through the two pilot projects, the system has been able to undertake 1,000 transactions per block, as well as a network capacity of 200 transactions per second (TPS) that is significantly higher than the Ethereum’s network capability of 15 TPS. 

The CEO of Ethereum Express, Vlad Miller, noted: “The launch of these two pilot projects with our first clients is an important step for the development of not only the EEX project and its coin, but also the blockchain environment as a whole. The introduction of improvements to the Ethereum blockchain's network is a vital undertaking that has to be crowned with success if this promising market is to grow and scale in accordance with the demands of real businesses, not just separate users.”

EEX also seeks to establish a real-life application scenario of its internal ecosystem coin. 


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