Ethereum is an Ideal ICO Platform, Asserts Roger Ver

Brian Njuguna   Oct 16, 2019 04:00 1 Min Read


During the annual Devcon 5 conference for Ethereum, Roger Ver, a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, noted that initial coin offerings (ICOs) were experiencing a dormant trend despite their fundamentality in connecting investors and entrepreneurs across the globe. 

However, he acknowledged that Ethereum could come in handy in eradicating this challenge because it offers a fantastic ICO platform.

Ver stipulated, “Ethereum is fantastic as an ICO platform. If people want to have an ICO today, Ethereum is a fantastic platform to do it on because you have all this infrastructure already in place.”

He also acknowledged that decentralized finance or DeFi was emerging as a popular platform in the crypto-space. This can be depicted by the actuality that the decentralized applications (dApp) market is worth $500 million. 

Additionally, Ver proclaimed that the functionality of ERC-20 tokens or Ethereum in DeFi was exceptional. Nevertheless, if Bitcoin Cash was incorporated into the DeFi ecosystem, optimal results could be inevitable. 

Ver stated, “you can now make Bitcoin Cash tokens, send them to anyone, anywhere in the world, and then pay dividends directly on-chain to every token holder with whatever address and whatever country they are present in.”

Ver’s notion was that Ethereum could come in handy in revamping the ICO sector. 


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