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Ethereum's ACDE 171 Paves Way for Devnet Launches and Private ETH Transfers

The Ethereum developer community discussed various updates in the 171st ACDE meeting held on September 28, 2023. Key topics included the launch of Dencun devnets, EIP-4788 contract bytecode audits, the re-launch of Holesky, a new proposal for private ETH transfers (EIP-7503), and a small amendment to EIP-6780 concerning the SELFDESTRUCT operation. These discussions indicate a proactive approach towards enhancing Ethereum's network ahead of the next ACDE meeting on October 12.

  • Oct 02, 2023 04:21
Ethereum's ACDE 171 Paves Way for Devnet Launches and Private ETH Transfers

On September 28, 2023, Ethereum's developer community convened for the 171st All Core Devs Ethereum (ACDE) meeting, covering a range of topics including upcoming devnets, audits for Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4788, and a new proposal for private Ethereum (ETH) transfers among others, according to timbeiko.eth (@TimBeiko).

The meeting kicked off with Barnabas Busa giving an update on the Dencun devnet-9 which is slated to launch the following day. The devnet is significant as 75% of its validators will be utilizing Nethermind or Geth, 19% will be on Besu or Erigon, and 2% each with Reth and EthJS. Following the devnet-9, a short-lived devnet-10 is set to launch to test the new churn limits triggered by a large validator count.

During the call, updates regarding the audit of EIP-4788 contract bytecode were shared. Three auditing firms: ChainSecurity, Dedaub, and Trail of Bits were engaged for the review. The auditors endorsed the changes made based on their feedback, including the explicit handling of the 0 timestamp, and found no issues with the implemented fixes.

Discussions moved to the Holesky re-launch where, despite initial hitches in the first 10 epochs, the chain began finalizing with a 70-80% participation rate. The causes for validators being offline were identified and were being addressed during the call.

A notable highlight was the presentation of EIP-7503, proposing a scheme for private ETH transfers by burning and reminting ETH. This proposal facilitates users to send ETH to a provably un-spendable address and, using a new transaction type, provide proof of the burnt ETH to re-mint it at another address.

The proposal stirred a rich discussion regarding the implications and practicality of this mechanism on Ethereum, with questions surrounding the calculation of ETH supply and the safety of zk-friendly hashing functions on the mainnet.

Lastly, a minor amendment to EIP-6780 was proposed by Guillaume Ballet, which only allows the SELFDESTRUCT operation in the same transaction as a contract creation. A problematic specification concerning post-Verkle Tries behavior was agreed to be removed, aligning with the current behavior of Ethereum.

With a packed agenda, the meeting set the course for the next ACDE scheduled for October 12, 14:00 UTC, where the Ethereum community will continue to iterate and improve upon the network's protocols and features.

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