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Fireblocks Partners with TRES Finance to Enhance Web3 Financial Reporting

Zach Anderson Jun 21, 2024 10:40

Fireblocks collaborates with TRES Finance to streamline Web3 accounting and financial reporting, offering automated solutions to meet regulatory demands.

Fireblocks Partners with TRES Finance to Enhance Web3 Financial Reporting

In response to the increasing regulatory and reporting demands in the Web3 space, Fireblocks has announced a strategic partnership with TRES Finance. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive automation for Web3 accounting, taxes, and auditing, according to

Automated Web3 Financial Solutions

The partnership leverages TRES Finance's proprietary Financial Data Lake (FDL), which consolidates and contextualizes financial data from thousands of Web3 endpoints. This enriched data is integrated into TRES Finance's FinOS platform, enabling businesses to generate audit-ready reports with ease.

With the growing complexity of Web3 financial operations, the automation provided by TRES Finance simplifies the data-gathering process. This allows businesses to produce actionable insights and reports at the click of a button, significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with compliance and reporting.

Generating Reports via Fireblocks

Fireblocks users can now directly generate audit-ready reports from TRES Finance through the Fireblocks console. To access this feature, users can navigate to the “Transaction History” section on the control panel. By clicking the “Generate Report” button located at the top-right corner, users will be presented with a TRES Finance pop-up offering the first generated report for free.

Upon clicking the button, users are directed to a TRES request form. Once completed, this form sends a report request directly to the TRES team, who will then generate the audit-ready report. Additionally, the TRES FDL can be accessed via API for more customized reporting needs.

This partnership underscores the growing need for robust financial management tools in the Web3 ecosystem. By automating critical accounting and auditing functions, Fireblocks and TRES Finance are empowering businesses to stay ahead of regulatory requirements while streamlining their financial operations.

As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, collaborations like this one between Fireblocks and TRES Finance are crucial for providing the infrastructure necessary to support the next generation of financial technologies.

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