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Former Bithumb Chairman Lee Jung-Hoon Acquitted in $100M Fraud Case

Lee Jung-Hoon, former chairman of Bithumb, has been acquitted in a $100 million fraud case related to the non-listing of the BXA token, highlighting challenges in crypto industry legal cases.

  • Jan 19, 2024 10:46
Former Bithumb Chairman Lee Jung-Hoon Acquitted in $100M Fraud Case

Lee Jung-Hoon, the former chairman of Bithumb Holdings and Bithumb Korea, has been acquitted of fraud charges for the second time. The Seoul High Court’s 5th Criminal Division recently issued a not-guilty verdict in a case involving allegations of a $100 million fraud.

The case dates back to July 2021, when Lee was indicted on charges of defrauding cosmetic surgeon Kim Byung-Gun of 100 billion won (approximately $82 million) during negotiations for an acquisition deal. This indictment followed accusations that Lee embezzled an acquisition deposit under the guise of listing the “BXA token” on Bithumb’s crypto exchange. However, despite the serious nature of the allegations, the prosecution failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims.

This recent ruling aligns with an earlier acquittal in January 2023, where the court found the charges against Lee unproven. The defense highlighted inconsistencies in Kim's testimonies and argued that Lee had fulfilled all his obligations as a seller. The court agreed, ruling that the evidence presented by the prosecution did not conclusively prove that Lee had promised to list the BXA token, which was at the center of the case.

Lee's case has been a focal point in the South Korean cryptocurrency sphere, reflecting the complex interplay between emerging digital financial technologies and existing legal frameworks. His acquittal underscores the challenges prosecutors face in proving fraud in high-stakes, high-tech financial cases.

The BXA token, which was linked to the Blockchain Exchange Alliance formed by Kim’s consortium in December 2018, was intended to be the financial centerpiece of the acquisition deal. Despite Lee's assurances, the token was never listed on Bithumb. This led prosecutors to assert that Lee's promise was a tactic to deceive Kim and mislead investors. However, the court's decision indicates that these allegations could not be substantiated.

Lee's acquittal has broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry, especially regarding the legal complexities surrounding crypto exchanges and token listings. It also highlights the need for clearer regulatory guidelines and legal standards in the rapidly evolving world of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

In conclusion, the not-guilty verdict for Lee Jung-Hoon in the $100 million fraud case involving Bithumb and the BXA token signifies a critical moment in the intersection of cryptocurrency and legal proceedings. It sheds light on the challenges of navigating and regulating the intricate and often murky waters of the crypto industry.

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