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Google Assistant to Integrate Bard AI for Enhanced Capabilities

Google Assistant is set to integrate with Google's Bard AI to offer enhanced functionalities. The integration will allow Google Assistant to perform complex tasks like planning vacations and sorting emails. Although the feature is still under testing, it marks Google's aggressive efforts to compete in the AI space.

  • Oct 06, 2023 08:29
Google Assistant to Integrate Bard AI for Enhanced Capabilities

Bard, Google's powerful artificial intelligence chat service, is going to be included into Google Assistant so that it can provide a wider variety of features. The news was shared on social media on October 4, 2023, by the Made by Google team, which served as the source of the announcement. The connection is designed to greatly improve Google Assistant's capabilities, making it possible for the virtual assistant to carry out responsibilities such as organising emails, arranging holidays, and even producing papers.

Bard is an artificial intelligence chat programme that runs in a browser and is aimed to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. In contrast to Google Assistant, which can only respond to the most basic questions, Bard is capable of a far wider range of more complicated activities. These may range from writing cover letters and computer code to providing detailed responses to queries on history and mathematics, among other things. Users will be able to submit a picture and then ask Google Assistant to provide a caption for it when the integration enables Google Assistant to accept photos as a form of input.

If the user gives Bard Assistant permission, Google has said that it will be able to access the user's email account. This information was obtained from a report by ZDNet. The artificial intelligence would be able to filter through emails and report the contents to the user if this functionality was implemented. But Google has not yet announced a particular release date for this update; all they have said is that it is presently being tested.

Google has been putting a lot of effort into improving its standing in the artificial intelligence business. Bard was first made available on May 10 in a limited number of nations, then on July 14 it was made available to all member states of the European Union, despite the severe artificial intelligence laws in place in the EU. However, Bard is not perfect and does have certain shortcomings. According to a study published by Cointelegraph in June, the AI has been shown to provide recommendations for hotels that do not really exist.

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