Hodlnaut Applies for Court Protection amid Liquidity Crises

Godfrey Benjamin   Aug 17, 2022 02:10

Hodlnaut, a Singapore-based digital currency lending platform, has joined its counterparts in seeking out the protection of the courts with its recent application for Judicial Management. 


The crypto lending firm leaked some hints in a little more than a week since it announced it will be halting withdrawals based on its platform in response to the unfavourable market condition.

With the Judicial Management pursuit, Hodlnaut said it will be shielded from investors who may want to seek legal redress for losing their funds. The Judicial Management process will also present a form of a moratorium, granting the embattled crypto lender complete protection for a while.

“As we work towards stabilising our financial situation, the Founders and the Hodlnaut team in Singapore are working closely with our lawyers and have weighed various available options for our next steps,” the latest Hodlnaut announcement reads. 

“We are aiming to avoid a forced liquidation of our assets as it is a suboptimal solution that will require us to sell our users’ cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and WBTC at these current depressed asset prices. Instead, we believe that undergoing judicial management would provide the best chance of recovery. Therefore as of 13 August 2022, Hodlnaut Pte Ltd filed an application with the Singapore High Court to be placed under judicial management.”

According to Hodlnaut, it has requested the court to appoint Tam Chee Chong of Kairos Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd to be appointed as the Interim Judicial Manager and, subsequently, the Judicial Manager.

The move from Hodlnaut is somewhat related to the earlier move from Zipmex and Vauld Group, both of whom have also halted withdrawals and have landed a moratorium from the Singapore High Court. While the Vauld Group earned its moratorium earlier this month, Zipmex’s was issued this week, as reported by Blockchain.News.

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