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ImmuneFi Launches Whitehat Leaderboard to Incentivize Web3 Hackers

Godfrey Benjamin Nov 04, 2022 17:00

Bug bounty platform ImmuneFi now has a Leaderboard to rank the tip whitehats in Web3

ImmuneFi Launches Whitehat Leaderboard to Incentivize Web3 Hackers

ImmuneFi, one of the most notable Web3 bug bounty protocols has announced the launch of a new Leaderboard feature for ethical hackers in Web3. 


As announced by the outfit, the Leaderboard will pull 20 of the most versatile Whitehat hackers in the Web3 ecosystem and rank them in order of the critical bugs they report through the ImmuneFi platform.


“We’re proud to release the Immunefi Whitehat Leaderboard showing the top 20 whitehats in web3!” ImmuneFi shared the announcement via its Twitter page 


Bug bounties have become a thing in the web3 ecosystem as protocols incentivize experienced hackers to help scour through their codes to see if there are vulnerabilities therein. As the industry evolved, ImmuneFi emerged, helping to organize Whitehat events in a way that was easy for both the protocols and the participants.


Whitehats are typically rewarded for their participation, and with this new feature, ImmuneFi said it will be giving the top hackers additional benefits.


“Whitehats who earn their spot through genius and hard work are eligible for further rewards, exclusive merch, paid trips, speaking opportunities, and more,” ImmuneFi affirmed.


ImmuneFi said the ranking for whitehats who submit bug reports through its platform will be based on three crucial factors including, the number of paid reports, the severity of paid reports, and total earnings. 


While the new leaderboard feature may not be an extra motivation for Whitehats to intensify their activities in the space, it certainly creates room for respect amongst the most elite of solution providers to hacking problems in the industry.


The appreciation of Whitehats cannot be overemphasized, a move that was recently underscored by the ApeCoin DAO. The ApeCoin DAO recently passed a vote that will see 1 million APE tokens set aside as bug bounty on ImmuneFi to incentivize whitehats to pour through its forthcoming staking protocol in a bid to see if there is a weak leak that might cause fund drain in the near future.

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