JustCarbon DAO Announces Multi-Exchange Platform Partnership

Aaron Limbu   Apr 26, 2022 07:15

Carbon action marketplace JustCarbon has announced a multi-exchange platform partnership with DigiFinex, Coinsbit, LAToken and Coinstore signifying a play for dominance in the carbon market. - 2022-04-26T145536.408.jpg

The partnership includes JustCarbon Removal tokens (JCRs) available on each exchange. According to the company, one JCR is created after a tonne of carbon has been eliminated from the earth's atmosphere. Currently, 1 JCR is priced at $25 per tonne.

JustCarbon is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), which means it is not run by a single person or political entity.

To celebrate this partnership, Justcarbon has announced that it will be offering a one-time promotion to unite the DAO community.

It said that for every JCR, purchasers will be airdropped ten JustCarbon Governance tokens (JCGs) and gain a voice and voting rights in the governance of the JustCarbon DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) which will take over governance of JustCarbon within 6-12 months.

JustCarbon is also holding an auction for JCGs from May 17 – 20 to determine an initial value before the entire ecosystem is live on May 23 and JCGs hit the open market.

John Auckland, the co-founder of JustCarbon, said: "Blockchain can enable a future proof circular economy which is a crucial element to JustCarbon's marketplace that sets it apart. It has been founded on a planet-positive belief, ensuring that only the highest quality credits are available to be minted on exchanges.

In recent times, carbon markets have started to show their potential in delivering capital at a scale in which they can fight climate change. Climate change mitigation projects have spread worldwide, particularly in developing countries.

According to JustCarbon's website, the company is a "marketplace that simplifies and makes the carbon market more transparent, simpler and accessible to both buyers and sellers alike."

The world's first blockchain-enabled carbon trading exchange was established by AirCarbon Pte, a Singaporean exempt private company.

According to Blockchain.News, AirCarbon Pte permits corporate buyers and airlines to sell and purchase tokens subsidized by carbon offset credits. This is based on the approval of the International Civil Aviation Organization.  

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