Korean Blockchain Games Are Becoming More Mainstream in Global Markets

Geoffrey Gardiner   Dec 08, 2019 00:00 - 2019-12-06T160839.842.jpg

Blockchain Gaming is entering into a frenzy with multiple companies and businesses aiming to break into developing markets. 

The latest Game “Crypto Legends” and “Knights Story” developed by Weneepl and Biscuit gaming have been released into the markets with a large demand happening all across the world. In Korea due to market rulings and regulations, the games are not in full availability in Korea, but booming abroad. 

Weneepl, a blockchain game developer’s game Crypto legends allows players to battle and collect special cards in this trading game. Trading and collectible games are a perfect match in blockchain, with players able to buy and sell for real currency value using cryptocurrency. Crypto legends are running on the very popular EOS blockchain, which is decentralized and provides an environment for users to have complete control over their assets. In this case, trading cards. 

After the initial launch, the blockchain game managed to rank top of the ranking list on A popular ranking site. 

Knights Story focuses more on RPG (Role Play Gaming) and has also made use of in-game items to allow users to control what they want to buy sell or trade on the blockchain. Which is another very good match using the open ledger technology and ability to control your assets? 

More games are set to come, which leads those in blockchain to be happy with adoption and overall progress. With more companies taking the leap into new technology, only strong futures seem likely. 


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