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Launch of First Blockchain School Sets to Bring New Hope for Rwanda

Rwanda is poised to become the next Silicon Valley of Africa. This is demonstrated by many tech businesses launching their operations in the country. Due to Rwanda’s rapid rise to become Africa’s tech hub, a new blockchain training school intends to set its foot in the country. The establishment of the school is expected to introduce new innovative ways to create new African blockchain technology-based products.

  • Dec 27, 2019 00:11
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The African Blockchain Institute (ABI) has disclosedthat it will start training programs in Rwanda in 2020. This move makes it the first blockchain training school in the nation. Currently, the blockchain school operates in Ghana. 


The role and impact of the school in Rwanda 


With its presence in Rwanda, the blockchain school intends to provide five courses, including an enterprise blockchain course, blockchain developers course, blockchain fundamentals certification course, blockchain for social impact, and blockchain for lawyers. 


The Executive Director of Africa Blockchain Institute, Kayode Babarinde, said that the blockchain for lawyer's course aims to enlighten legal practitioners from the perspectives of how smart contracts, such as legal contracts, allow parties to cooperate mutually and even transact with each other on various trust models.   


Rwanda has recognized blockchain as one of the new technologies it intends to support along with artificial intelligence and robotics as it accelerates efforts to become a technology hub in Africa. 


The school has been deemed as crucial for training policymakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to bable to grasp opportunities for the emerging, disruptive technology. 


Why has preference been given to Rwanda? 


Babarinde mentioned that they selected Rwanda since it is progressively becoming the tech hub of Africa. He said that this is demonstrated by several tech businesses opening shops in the nation. 


He revealed that the economy of Rwanda has been growing steadily, therefore earns the country a reputation as one of Africa’s most rapidly growing economies.   


He also discussed that the country’s leadership is encouraging and supporting the applications of emerging technologies. 


He added that Rwanda promotes innovation, therefore, developing an enabling environment for enterprises and businesses to grow. He further identified that the ease of doing business in Rwanda is excellent, and the country’s policies are highly supportive. 


The blockchain school intends to collaborate with Rwanda Blockchain Association to support the streamlining of the regulatory framework for emerging technologies.   




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