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Marathon Digital Overclocks To Get An Edge

Luisa Crawford Jan 06, 2023 04:34

North America's biggest Bitcoin mining business is overclocking its machines. Overclocking increases a computer's CPU clock speed above its manufacturer's limit. Marathon Digital mined 4,144 BTC in 2022, including 475 in December.

Marathon Digital Overclocks To Get An Edge

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In a recent update, Marathon Digital Holdings, which runs one of the most significant Bitcoin mining operations in North America, revealed that the company has been experimenting with overclocking in order to bolster its position as a market leader in the Bitcoin mining business. This endeavor was undertaken with the intention of strengthening the company's position as a market leader.

The practice of increasing the clock speed of a computer's central processing unit (CPU) or graphics processing unit (GPU) over the maximum speed that was rated by the manufacturer is referred to as "overclocking." The word "overclocking" refers to this technique. It is possible that this will result in improved performance in some types of workloads.

According to a press release, Marathon mined a total of 475 Bitcoin for the month of December 2022, which brought the company's total Bitcoin output for the fiscal year 2022 to 4,144 Bitcoin. When compared to the 3,197 Bitcoin that were created in 2021, this is a 30% increase.

After Marathon made the decision to conduct experiments with overclocking, the chairman and chief executive officer of the company, Fred Thiel, provided the following response to the news: "These efforts position us to develop our competitive advantages further and become a more efficient and resilient business as we continue to grow."

Among the most current statistics that was made available by the company, it has around 69,000 active miners who are capable of earning approximately 7 exahashes each and every second while working together.

The digital currency industry is served by Silvergate Bank, a supplier of financial services that operates as a bank and provides solutions for liquidity issues. There is a possibility that Marathon Digital's success in the Bitcoin industry might be attributed to the partnership that the company has established with Silvergate Bank.

On the 16th of December, a class-action complaint against Silvergate was submitted in an effort to hold the company responsible for the alleged role it played in the loss of monies belonging to FTX customers. The complaint was filed in an effort to hold the company responsible for the role it played in the loss of monies.

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