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Meta Llama 3 NIM Revolutionizes Digital Health and Life Sciences

Rebeca Moen Jun 03, 2024 01:59

Meta Llama 3, optimized by NVIDIA, transforms healthcare and life sciences applications.

Meta Llama 3 NIM Revolutionizes Digital Health and Life Sciences

Meta’s latest large language model, Meta Llama 3, is making significant strides in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, according to The model, optimized and downloadable as an NVIDIA NIM (NVIDIA Inference Microservice), is enhancing digital health workflows, driving innovation across various applications aimed at improving patient outcomes.

Advancing Digital Biology

Techbio and pharmaceutical companies are leveraging Meta Llama 3 NIM for tasks involving generative biology, chemistry, and molecular prediction. The model is being used to build and scale end-to-end workflows for drug discovery and clinical trials. Deloitte, for instance, employs Llama 3 NIM in its Atlas AI drug discovery accelerator to gain data-based insights and predict chemical properties. Transcripta Bio also uses Llama 3 for its Conductor AI modeling suite, aiding in the discovery and prediction of drug effects at the transcriptome scale.

Bolstering Clinical Trials

Meta Llama 3 NIM is also revolutionizing clinical trials. Quantiphi, a digital engineering company, is using the model to develop generative AI solutions for clinical research, diagnostics, and patient care. ConcertAI has integrated Llama 3 NIM into its CARA AI platform to enhance patient-to-trial matching and study automation. Mendel AI is using a fine-tuned version of the model for its Hypercube copilot, significantly improving performance and exploring new applications such as extracting clinical information from patient records.

Improving Digital Surgery

In the realm of digital surgery, Activ Surgical is utilizing Meta Llama 3 to advance its AI copilot and augmented reality solutions for real-time surgical guidance. Their ActivSight technology aims to reduce surgical complications by providing surgeons with critical physiological insights during operations.

Enhancing Digital Health

Generative AI applications powered by Meta Llama 3 are also enhancing patient-doctor interactions. SimBioSys uses the model to analyze breast cancer diagnoses and guide physicians based on unique patient characteristics. Artisight leverages Llama 3 to automate documentation and care coordination in clinical settings. AITEM and Abridge are building healthcare-specific chatbots and summarization solutions for clinical conversations, respectively.

All the companies mentioned are part of NVIDIA Inception, a program that supports startups by providing access to cutting-edge technology and resources. The NVIDIA NIM collection, including Meta Llama 3, is available through NVIDIA AI Enterprise, streamlining the development and deployment of generative AI applications.

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