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Mysten Labs Announces Bullshark Quest 2 with 5M SUI Reward Pool

Mysten Labs launches Bullshark Quest 2 on July 28, 2023, offering a 5M SUI reward pool. Open to SuiFrens Bullshark or Capy holders, participants earn points via dApps engagement.

  • Jul 28, 2023 12:00
Mysten Labs Announces Bullshark Quest 2 with 5M SUI Reward Pool

Mysten Labs has officially announced the commencement of Bullshark Quest 2, starting on July 28, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. PDT. The new quest comes on the heels of the successful completion of the first Bullshark Quest, which saw significant participation from the community and brought substantial attention to the Sui ecosystem.

Bullshark Quest 2 offers a substantial reward pool of 5 million SUI, courtesy of a partnership between Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation. The rewards, divided into two pools of 2.5 million SUI each, will be distributed after the quest concludes on August 28, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Sui, an innovative decentralized Layer 1 blockchain developed by MystenLabs, aims to redefine asset ownership by leveraging the Move programming language in its next-generation smart contract platform. SUI is the native token of Sui platform.

The quest is open to holders of either a SuiFrens Bullshark or Capy collectible. To maintain eligibility, participants must continue to own one or more Bullsharks or Capys throughout the quest period. Participants can join the quest at any time during the period, although early participation is encouraged.

Participants can start earning points by engaging with the following decentralized applications (dApps): NAVI, a native one-stop liquidity protocol; Turbos, a hyper-efficient decentralized crypto marketplace; Scallop, a next-generation Money Market; and Typus Finance, a real yield infrastructure. Further applications may be added after the quest begins.

Points can be earned by interacting on-chain with the aforementioned dApps at or after the quest's start time. The exact points schema and leaderboard for Quest 2 will be made available in the following week. However, participants need not worry about their points not being viewable until then, as every relevant Quest transaction on Sui is being tracked.

The Bullshark Quests portal will display a live leaderboard of all active participants for Quest 2. As a SuiFrens Bullshark or Capy holder, participants can connect their wallets on the Quests portal to see their current score and ranking on the leaderboard. The portal and leaderboard will go live next week and will update every ten minutes.

The reward pool of 5M SUI provided by the Sui Foundation will be divided into two parts. The first pool will be shared by the top 10,000 eligible players, while the second pool will be divided equally among all other eligible players.

Mysten Labs reserves the right to change the scoring methodology at any time for any reason, including to combat any behavior deemed to be cheating. The points and reward structure are currently being refined, and details on how to redeem earned points from Quest 2 for SUI rewards will be shared next week.

Bullshark Quest 2 officially begins on July 28, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. PDT. Participants can join the quest later by adding a SuiFren to their wallet. However, if a participant's wallet no longer contains a SuiFren, they will lose any accrued points. For further information, participants can check out the FAQ on the Bullshark Quests Portal or visit the Mysten Apps Discord server.

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