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OKX Announces Delisting of Certain Simple Earn Products

Crypto exchange OKX is set to delist certain Simple Earn products, including MINA, NYM, and LHINU terms.

  • May 21, 2024 12:11
OKX Announces Delisting of Certain Simple Earn Products

OKX to Delist Certain Simple Earn Products

According to an official update from the crypto exchange OKX, some of the Simple Earn products will be delisted on May 21, 2024. The affected products include the crypto terms MINA, NYM, and LHINU with terms spanning from 3 days to 120 days.

OKX users with these products will continue to receive daily rewards until the delisting date. After the delisting, the principal will either be re-invested into Simple Earn flexible products or deposited into the user's Funding account if corresponding Simple Earn flexible products are not available. The interest earned will be transferred to the user's Funding account.

The OKX team thanked their users for their continued support and commitment to improving their products. This decision is in line with their commitment to providing a secure and optimized trading environment for their users.

The news comes as part of OKX's ongoing efforts to optimize and streamline their offerings to better serve their users. As the crypto marketplace continues to evolve and mature, exchanges like OKX are constantly reviewing their product lineups and making necessary changes to stay competitive and responsive to user needs.

OKX is known for its wide range of crypto trading and investment products, including spot trading, futures trading, and earning products like Simple Earn. Simple Earn allows users to earn interest on their crypto holdings by lending them out to other users.

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