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OKX Announces Notcoin (NOT) Addition to Jumpstart Mining

OKX introduces Notcoin (NOT) to its Jumpstart Mining from 13th May, allowing TON holders to stake tokens and earn NOT in return.

  • May 11, 2024 21:40
OKX Announces Notcoin (NOT) Addition to Jumpstart Mining

OKX Announces Notcoin Addition to Jumpstart Mining

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, OKX, has announced the addition of Notcoin (NOT) to its Jumpstart Mining programme. TON holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn NOT in return commencing from 6:00 am UTC on May 13, 2024.

Details of the Notcoin Staking Arrangement

According to the announcement, TON will be the token for staking, with users earning NOT as rewards. In the NOT staking pool, there will be a total of 1,283,990,271 NOT tokens available for mining. The mining period will run from 6:00 am UTC on May 13, 2024, through to 6:00 am UTC on May 16, 2024. There is no set minimum staking per person, but the maximum staking per person for TON is capped at 4,000. Users can stake and unstake at any time, with mined token trading commencing from May 16, 2024, until further notice.

Staking Conditions and Participation

Participants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Korea are ineligible for this campaign. Participants need to complete identity verification to partake in the staking process. The staking rewards are calculated in real-time and users can withdraw them at any time. Users' per minute rewards are calculated as the amount of their staked token divided by the total amount of staked token and multiplied by the amount of tokens released per minute.

About Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin, a community token in Ton, was widely distributed through a viral game on Telegram, which already had 35 million players. The current phase focuses on building an ecosystem around NOT, including a game platform and web3 projects exploration tools. The total supply of Notcoin stands at 102,719,221,714.

Terms and Conditions

OKX Jumpstart Mining restricts its services from certain locations due to local laws and regulations. As a result, if a user does not meet these eligibility requirements, they are not permitted to use OKX's services. OKX reserves the right to disqualify or suspend accounts of any participant and confiscate all rewards of any participant who is found to be involved in any dishonest or abusive behavior. Participants are also reminded that the value of prizes may fluctuate due to market changes, and any applicable taxes and fees associated with the rewards are the sole responsibility of the individual recipient.

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