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OKX X Layer to Discontinue Swap Product

OKX X Layer announces the discontinuation of its Swap product, effective May 30, 2024.

  • May 14, 2024 11:08
OKX X Layer to Discontinue Swap Product

OKX X Layer to Discontinue Its Swap Product

In a recent announcement, OKX X Layer has communicated its decision to discontinue the Swap product. The discontinuation will take effect from May 30, 2024. The features of X Layer Swap, including trading, adding liquidity, and removing liquidity, will be gradually suspended.

Upon the product's discontinuation, functionalities such as exchanging, removing liquidity, and accessing the transaction history within the Swap product will no longer be available. Users are advised to remove any existing liquidity via X Layer Swap before the discontinuation date.

Implications for Users

Users are urged to remove liquidity prior to the discontinuation date. If liquidity is not removed within the specified timeframe, it may be taken as a forfeiture of the corresponding equity.

Despite the discontinuation of the Swap product, OKX X Layer has expressed a warm welcome to more community DEX deployments to continuously enrich the X Layer ecosystem.

A Word from OKX

The announcement was made by the OKX team on May 14, 2024. As one of the leading crypto platforms, the team assured users of their commitment to provide secure and efficient services.

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