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OpenAI and WAN-IFRA Launch Global AI Accelerator for Newsrooms

Joerg Hiller May 30, 2024 16:16

OpenAI partners with WAN-IFRA to launch AI accelerator for over 100 newsrooms globally.

OpenAI and WAN-IFRA Launch Global AI Accelerator for Newsrooms

OpenAI, in collaboration with the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), has announced the launch of an ambitious accelerator program aimed at over 100 news publishers globally. Named the Newsroom AI Catalyst, the initiative seeks to help newsrooms adopt and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance content creation, data analysis, and user experience.

AI's Role in Modern Newsrooms

The advent of AI, particularly generative AI, presents numerous opportunities for the journalism industry. AI can assist in producing and refining content, conducting deeper data analysis, and improving user engagement on news websites. However, it also introduces challenges such as misinformation, privacy concerns, copyright issues, and potential biases.

The Newsroom AI Catalyst program intends to address these challenges while leveraging AI's benefits. The program will support 128 newsrooms across Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and South Asia, providing them with expert guidance and hands-on experience to drive AI-driven strategic initiatives.

Program Structure and Objectives

This three-month accelerator will offer a comprehensive curriculum, including learning modules, hands-on workshops, a mini hackathon, and a showcase event. It will commence with an in-person workshop, allowing participants and coaches to connect and initiate their AI prototyping projects. By the end of the program, participants will have developed clear plans for implementing AI in their newsrooms.

OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, will fund and provide technical support for the initiative. According to Vincent Peyregne, CEO of WAN-IFRA, this support is crucial as news enterprises face declining advertising and print subscription revenues, threatening the sustainability of news organizations and, consequently, democracy itself.

“News enterprises across the globe have come under pressure from declining advertising and print subscription revenues. The adversity confronting news leaves communities without access to a shared basis of facts and shared values, and puts democracy itself at risk. AI technologies have the potential to positively influence the sustainability of news organizations,” said Peyregne.

Tom Rubin, Chief of Intellectual Property and Content at OpenAI, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in journalism. “At OpenAI, we are committed to harnessing the transformative power of AI to expand opportunities broadly. This program is designed to turbocharge the capabilities of 128 newsrooms across Europe, Asia, and Latin America in collaboration with WAN-IFRA,” he said.

Looking Forward

The accelerator program aims to leave participants with a solid understanding of AI's role in modern journalism and actionable plans to integrate these technologies effectively. The initiative underscores the importance of AI in maintaining high-quality journalism and a sustainable news ecosystem.

For more details about the program, including the curriculum, timeline, eligibility criteria, and application process, interested parties can visit WAN-IFRA's official website at WAN-IFRA.

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