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Oracle APEX AI Assistant Revolutionizes Enterprise App Development with Natural Language

Zach Anderson Jun 18, 2024 05:53

Oracle introduces AI innovations in Oracle APEX, enabling natural language-based development for enterprise applications, simplifying complex coding tasks.

Oracle APEX AI Assistant Revolutionizes Enterprise App Development with Natural Language

Oracle has announced significant AI-driven enhancements to its low-code development platform, Oracle APEX. The latest release introduces the APEX AI Assistant, which aims to simplify application development, enabling developers to build robust, mission-critical applications with greater speed and efficiency.

AI Innovations in Oracle APEX

The APEX AI Assistant is designed to assist developers in creating applications using natural language prompts. This new tool can automatically generate SQL statements, perform one-click debug corrections, and provide contextual suggestions for table names and columns. Additionally, developers can easily integrate conversational interfaces into their applications, enhancing user interaction and experience.

Mike Hichwa, Senior Vice President of Software Development at Oracle, emphasized the transformative impact of these AI capabilities. “As a developer, remembering table names and complex syntax can be challenging. The APEX AI Assistant automates these tasks, allowing developers to use natural language commands to achieve precise results,” Hichwa stated.

Real-World Applications and Testimonials

Trailcon, a company offering trailer fleet solutions, has leveraged Oracle APEX to build its Trailcon 360 application. The application, which integrates OCI Document Understanding, provides real-time analytics on geo-location, telematics, and preventative maintenance. Giovanni Cani, Vice President of IT Delivery at Trailcon, highlighted the platform's efficiency, stating, “We process over 3,000 invoices monthly with 87% accuracy. Oracle APEX allows us to remain agile and deliver reliable data services to our customers.”

Natcorp, a provider of HR management solutions to over 600,000 users in Brazil, also benefits from the AI capabilities in Oracle APEX. Igor Sala Cardoso, Head of Technology and Innovation at Natcorp, noted, “The combination of APEX and AI is a huge time-saver for our customers. They can ask questions in natural language and receive answers in seconds, allowing HR teams to focus on core competencies while reducing operational costs.”

Enhanced Features and Future Prospects

The new AI enhancements in Oracle APEX include:

  • APEX AI Assistant: Automates the creation of SQL statements from natural language prompts, explains existing code, and suggests bug fixes.
  • Create App Assistant: Generates application blueprints from user prompts, simplifying the development process.
  • Conversational AI dialogs: Enables natural language interactions within applications, providing a richer user experience.

Ron Westfall, Research Director at The Futurum Group, praised the new release, stating, “With APEX 24.1, Oracle has demonstrated how GenAI can enable developers to create mission-critical applications with ease. This release continues Oracle’s trend of strategic innovations, following recent announcements like Oracle Database 23ai and Oracle Database@Google Cloud.”

The new version of Oracle APEX is available now and will be showcased at the APEX Conference at ODTUG Kscope24 in Nashville, TN, from July 14-18.

For more information, visit the official Oracle announcement.

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