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Oracle Defends Healthcare Modernization Efforts Amid Criticism from Business Insider

Jessie A Ellis May 31, 2024 13:32

Oracle counters Business Insider's criticism of its healthcare modernization efforts for veterans.

Oracle Defends Healthcare Modernization Efforts Amid Criticism from Business Insider

Oracle Responds to Business Insider's Criticism

In a recent blog post, Oracle has defended its efforts to modernize healthcare technology for veterans, following a critical article by Business Insider. The article, which questioned Oracle's $28 billion investment in healthcare technology, has been labeled as clickbait by Oracle, according to

Business Insider's Allegations

The Business Insider article criticized Oracle's handling of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) electronic health record (EHR) modernization program, suggesting that the initiative has led to negative outcomes for patients. The article also drew parallels to a similar piece published two years ago, which cast doubt on the same modernization efforts.

Oracle's blog post refutes these claims, arguing that the criticism is based on outdated information and ignores substantial progress made since Oracle took over the project. The company asserts that the VA's existing system, VistA, is antiquated and vulnerable to cyberattacks, necessitating a comprehensive modernization effort.

Progress in Modernization

Oracle highlights its achievements in implementing the Cerner EHR system across nearly 4,000 Department of Defense (DoD) facilities, receiving positive feedback. The company also points out that it has resolved issues related to the unknown queue—a feature specified by the VA in the system’s design—within ten days of its initial reporting.

The blog post emphasizes that the new EHR system provides veterans with a secure, interoperable medical record that spans their entire service period, from enlistment to end-of-life care. This system aims to improve care coordination and patient outcomes by enhancing data interoperability between the VA and community care providers.

Business Insider's Reporting Critiqued

Oracle criticizes Business Insider for allegedly misrepresenting facts and omitting significant improvements made to the EHR system. The company accuses the publication of ignoring Oracle's detailed responses and focusing on negative aspects to fit a preconceived narrative.

Moreover, Oracle disputes Business Insider's portrayal of Epic Systems, another EHR provider, as a superior alternative. Oracle argues that Epic's approach to data privacy and interoperability is more restrictive compared to Oracle's open, modular system designed to facilitate collaboration across different platforms.

Future Outlook

Oracle remains committed to its healthcare modernization initiatives, leveraging its cloud infrastructure and expertise in enterprise applications to drive improvements in the sector. The company is also integrating generative AI into its healthcare systems to enhance usability and reduce practitioner fatigue.

In conclusion, Oracle asserts that its ongoing efforts will lead to significant advancements in healthcare IT, ultimately benefiting veterans and the broader healthcare industry. The company remains optimistic about the future impact of its investments in modernizing healthcare technology.

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