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Oracle Health RevElate Boosts Financial Efficiency for Charleston Area Medical Center

Felix Pinkston Jun 05, 2024 06:25

Oracle Health RevElate enhances billing accuracy and speeds up reimbursements for CAMC.

Oracle Health RevElate Boosts Financial Efficiency for Charleston Area Medical Center

Oracle Health RevElate Implementation at CAMC

Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. (CAMC) has adopted Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting to enhance billing accuracy and expedite reimbursements, according to The solution, which is electronic health record-agnostic, has been implemented in CAMC's ambulatory clinics and four other facilities in Charleston. This move aims to standardize the integration of financial and clinical data, reducing errors and automating processes.

Positive Initial Outcomes

Christine Sturtevant, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at CAMC, remarked on the successful implementation, stating, “Our RevElate Patient Accounting go live went extremely well. The transparency we've gained allows us to improve front-end processes to ensure accurate revenue capture and reimbursement confirmation for services provided.” The organization has reported a stronger revenue stream and a higher clean claim rate, with plans to extend the solution to additional facilities.

Broader Impact on Vandalia Health System

Jeff Sandene, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Vandalia Health, expressed optimism about the early results of RevElate Patient Accounting. Vandalia Health, of which CAMC is a member, plans to roll out the solution across its entire network to replicate the positive outcomes.

Automation and Efficiency

Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting is designed to automate revenue cycle workflows, thereby reducing complexities and promoting optimal financial results. The solution leverages automation and intelligence to handle repetitive tasks throughout the billing cycle, freeing up resources for higher-priority initiatives.

Oracle's Vision for Healthcare

Seema Verma, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Oracle Health and Life Sciences, highlighted the benefits of the solution: “Oracle Health RevElate Patient Accounting is helping customers enhance productivity, drive revenue, and increase clean claims. As healthcare organizations continue to face operational and resource challenges, Oracle is helping systems like CAMC and Vandalia apply more standardized approaches to optimize financial outcomes.”

CAMC selected RevElate Patient Accounting in June 2022 and has since been working to integrate the solution into its operations to improve overall financial health.

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