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Panasonic Information Systems Chooses Oracle Cloud to Modernize Internal Infrastructure

Rebeca Moen Jun 14, 2024 03:51

Panasonic IS migrates key internal systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enhancing performance and reducing costs.

Panasonic Information Systems Chooses Oracle Cloud to Modernize Internal Infrastructure

Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd. (Panasonic IS), the IT subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings Corporation, has selected Oracle Exadata Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to support the modernization of internal systems used across the Panasonic Group, according to Oracle blog.

Migration of Extensive Database Environments

The initiative involves migrating over 2,000 database environments from hundreds of internal systems to Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI. In the first phase, Panasonic IS has successfully transitioned 30 systems from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, achieving a 50% reduction in database infrastructure costs. This milestone includes the migration of one of Panasonic Group’s largest systems—the sales data analytics system, which manages 30TB of data and is utilized by 18,000 employees in Japan.

Strategic IT Modernization

Panasonic Group, a global leader in consumer electronics, is modernizing its IT environment and business processes to maintain competitiveness. The company is leveraging a hybrid cloud infrastructure, termed "Panasonic Transformation (PX) Best Hybrid Platform," to adopt the most suitable cloud solutions for its diverse systems. Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI was chosen for its superior performance, availability, and scalability.

Performance and Collaboration

Takeshi Yokosuka, Director of Platform Service Division at Panasonic IS, emphasized the importance of selecting optimal environments for each system to maintain or enhance performance. Yokosuka noted the advanced functionalities and superior performance of Oracle Exadata Database Service during initial testing, positioning it as the best solution among competitors. The ongoing migration is already yielding significant benefits, and Panasonic IS plans to extend this experience to other companies considering Oracle Exadata Database Service.

Tomoyuki Sakai, Senior Managing Executive Officer at Panasonic IS, highlighted the success of the sales data analytics system migration, meeting stringent performance requirements. Sakai praised Oracle Consulting’s dedication, which was instrumental in swiftly resolving issues during deployment. Panasonic IS aims to deepen its collaboration with Oracle to reduce operational workloads and adopt the latest technologies, ultimately developing an optimal hybrid cloud environment.

Oracle's Role and Benefits

Oracle Exadata Database Service offers a versatile, optimized infrastructure for public and hybrid clouds, featuring built-in automation, elastic resource scaling, security, and fast performance for all Oracle Database workloads. Ashish Ray, Vice President of Mission-Critical Database Technologies at Oracle, remarked on the importance of embracing cloud technology in the electronics sector to navigate supply chain crises and shifting customer demands. Ray noted that Exadata Database Service on OCI provides Panasonic IS with robust database performance, security, and availability, facilitating the deployment of diverse applications to support thousands of users, thereby granting significant economic benefits and flexibility.

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