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Pepe Coin Telegram Account Hacked

PepeCoin's Telegram account has been compromised, allowing unauthorized access under the handle "lordkeklol". The account is being used to promote fraudulent schemes and introduce other coins without team affiliation. PepeCoin encourages community reporting as a fake account for swift removal and secure channel.

  • Sep 09, 2023 08:36
Pepe Coin Telegram Account Hacked

The official Telegram account of PepeCoin ($PEPE) has fallen victim to unauthorized access, as confirmed by the project's representatives via a tweet earlier today. The compromised Telegram account, previously under the handle “lordkeklol”, is currently being misused to promote fraudulent schemes and introduce other coins, all without any affiliation to the original $PEPE team.

The breach poses serious concerns regarding security lapses and the potential misdirection of followers, as impersonators increasingly exploit such platforms. The tweet from @pepecoineth, timestamped at 10:27 am on this date, alerted its followers about the situation:

The old telegram for $PEPE is hacked and no longer in our control. The “lordkeklol” account has been compromised. Whoever has gained access to this account is using it to push scams and deceive people and launch other coins.

Furthermore, a subsequent tweet issued a mere four hours later from the same account emphasized that the Twitter account @lordkeklol had no known ties to $PEPE. Users are being urged to report it for "spam/impersonation".

To tackle the issue head-on, PepeCoin is encouraging the community to report the Telegram group as a "fake account", as demonstrated in a provided screenshot. This proactive approach aims to expedite the account's removal, allowing the team to establish a more secure channel in its stead. Until then, the team has clarified that all formal communications related to $PEPE will exclusively emanate from their official Twitter handle.

On August 26, 2023, Pepe Coin's official Twitter account reported a breach in their Telegram group, according to Blockchain.News. Coinciding with this announcement, the identity of Pepe Coin's founder was made public amidst allegations that tied Pepe Coin to scam and suggested insider trading. Today's statement on Pepe Coin's official Twitter reaffirms the warning to users about potential risks.

It's imperative for users and followers across various cryptocurrency platforms to remain alert and meticulously verify information before responding or taking any action based on updates.

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